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U Drama, Political 2 hrs 44 mins Apr 15, 2017





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  • Yahiya Mohammed

    19 Apr 17 @ 7:19 PM

    feel like old communist movies there is nothing new makeup given to nivin is good and althaf is better than nivin

Sakhavu Preview

Nivin Pauly starrer Sidhartha Siva scripted and directed Sakhavu will start its theater run on April 15. This movie falls under the genre of political drama and like the numerous Malayalam political movies, Sakhavu also tells the story through Left wing politics.

Nivin is said to do a double role with three get-ups in the movie. This being the first Nivin Pauly movie after last year's Vishu release Jacobinte Swargarajyam makes it a long awaited movie for the fans. And this along with the Communist sentiments assures that the movie is at the zenith of pre-release hype. In fact, we can also expect a record number of additional shows on Day 1 and the first weekend. This will obviously help the Sakhavu to have a great initial collection at the Kerala Box Office. 

Coming to the story side, Sakhavu trailer and video songs gave away enough information that makes the plot and the story anybody's guess. And, if there isn't a totally out of the blue surprise element in the movie, Sakhavu critic reviews will most probably read, "old wine in new bottle". But, one thing is sure that Sakhavu audience response on Day 01 and word of mouth, will be mostly in favor of the movie. This is because the movie's target audience is family and the available promo videos of this Sidhartha Siva directorial promises to have more than enough elements which will keep the audience entertained. 

Another point of consideration is the runtime. The negative in this regard is that it's a bit too long, especially in the current times. Sakhavu runtime is 2 hours 44 minutes. This can and will backfire if the making style isn't engaging and entertaining enough. But, here also the Nivin factor can come into play and save the day. His return movie after a year's gap is again the trump card! 

The movie has a long list of cast, especially with three female leads. When the cast increases, the chances are high that the performance part can take a hit, especially if the director is not well-versed with dealing with a big cast. 

Technically speaking, some of the best names in the industry, are there in the crew. So, we can expect Sakhavu to be a technically sound film. Finally, coming to the Box Office part, again, Sakhavu has a really good chance to be the winner among Malayalam movie Vishu releases in 2017. Overall, the movie comes with a lot of hope and hype surrounding it and this is a two-sided sword. And to know how will be Sakhavu user reviews and critic ratings, we need to wait for less than a day!

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