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U Drama, Political 2 hrs 44 mins Apr 15, 2017
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Sakhavu Story

Director: Sidhartha Siva

Cast: Nivin Pauly as Sakhavu Krishnan and Krishnakumar, Aishwarya Rajesh ad Sakhavu Janaki, Aparna Gopinath as Neethi, Sreenivasan as Doctor, Gayatri Suresh as Aishwarya, Renji Panicker as Kuriyachan

Krishnakumar aka Kichu is a selfish student political leader who wouldn't mind resorting to any ruthless way to get over his competitors and spoil their political careers. He is very ambitious about making it big in politics, and to get a better position at the SFK party, he arranges for people to beat up his competitor who was a close friend. 

One day, he is asked by an elder leader to go to the hospital and donate blood for a comrade as Kichu has the rare blood group O Negative. Although hesitant, Kichu obeys. He understands that the comrade Krishnan, whom he donate blood for, is one of the veteran leaders of his party and much-respected by everyone. Curious, he asks one his acquaintance about comrade Krishnan and he narrates the story. 

Krishnan who had been sent to Peeramedu in Kottayam to develop party's influence in the region. He worked hard to organize the laborers and the estate workers and led strikes to make sure they are given fair wage. Krishnan's inspiring life,] makes Kichu retrospect on his own life and he decides to let go of his selfish motives and be a real comrade. The film ends when Kichu, along with his comrades, takes up an issue that has been left unfinished by comrade Krishnan.

Sakhavu stars Nivin Pauly in the double role. He handles in the role of student leader Kichu and the elder comrade Krishnan. The film directed by Siddhartha Siva emerged as a hit at the box office.

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