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Sakalakala Vallavan Appatakkar Full Movie

Action, Comedy 2 hrs 33 mins Jul 31, 2015
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Sakalakalavallavan Appatakkar Story

Director: Suraaj

Cast: Jayam Ravi as Shakthi, Prabhu as Shakthi's father, Trisha as Divya, Anjali as Anjali, Soori as Chinnasamy, Vivek as Vettaiyyan and Radha Ravi as Kathiresan.

An election creates fuzz between Shakthi's and Chinnasamy's families. The fight over an election makes Shakthi and Chinnasamy enemies. During the election time, Shakthi meets Anjali and falls in love with her but he is forced to marry Divya who is from the city.

Shakthi then realises that Anjali is his enemy's cousin. But time flies Shakthi and Divya gets married and Divya tells Shakthi that before starting the married life they must get to know each other. Shakthi agrees to it and tries various things to make an impression on Divya but they end up in a divorce. Shakthi requests Divya to stay with his parents for a month before getting the divorce so that his family won't get hurt. They visit the village and decides to stay for a month but things get upside down when Shakthi's father make Divya stand for the female election and she agrees.

Divya loses the election and Shakthi's father out of anger hits him and fires him out of the house. Shakthi reveals to Divya how he has lost in his love and his life for the family. Seeing and realising how Shakthi is dependant towards his parents and family and how his life has been, Divya starts to like Shakthi. She is then learned how important is for a couple to compromise, adjust and co-operate when facing any problems or hard situations. Divya and Shakthi withdraw the divorce decision and live happily with the family.

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