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Sachin A Billion Dreams Review

U Biopics, Sport 2 hrs 19 mins May 26, 2017





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  • Nithish Gurram

    26 May 17 @ 3:28 PM

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    26 May 17 @ 1:58 PM

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Check out what all the celebs and sports persons felt about the greatest cricketer ever Sachin Tendulkar's biopic, 'Sachin: A Billion Dreams'


Sachin A Billion Dreams Preview

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is one of the greatest cricketers of all time. He is the first international cricketer to score 100 centuries in the game and has a record on his name on every possible feat. For nearly two and half decades, Sachin has entertained and inspired many. Behind every success story, there is always a struggle and Sachin’s journey is not an easy one. This unheard story of Sachin is made as a film and titled ‘Sachin A Billion Dreams.’

Interestingly the film stars no popular hero rather Sachin himself on the silver screen.  The film is directed by James Erskine, who is master of sports genre films with films. However, the film is based on Sachin’s autobiography ‘Playing It My Way.’ ‘Sachin A Billion Dreams’ got tax exemptions from Kerala and Chhattisgarh states.

The film also stars Sachin’s wife Anjali Tendulkar and former Indian cricket team captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Overall, the film shows the lesser known facts of Sachin’s life. The trailer of the film gave a glimpse of how Sachin transformed from a boy next door to a legendary cricketer who is still being worshipped by over a billion people.

Sachin A Billion Dreams Review & Rating

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