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Saamy Square Review

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Saamy Square Review & Rating


Saamy Square Review: Ruins The Good Memories Of The First Film

Saamy was a landmark film both in the careers of Vikram and the director Hari. While Hari went from strength to strength from then on, Vikram's career virtually stalled after the success of Saamy. Of curse, he has Anniyan which remains the biggest commercial hit in his career but the rest of his career graph doesn't show any highs. So, A lot was riding on the sequel to Saamy for Vikram. He is sorely missing a massive hit (pun intended) and let's see if he scored one such now with Saamy Square review. 

Saamy, the original followed a template. A hero who use any means to ensure that justice served. His character was ultra powerful. And he doesn't shy away from taking matters into his hands. But what kept everything ticking was the emotion. He was a beloved character. A landmark film in police action masala genre. It was the base on which Hari built the franchize of Singam. 

Maybe to differentiate between the two franchizes, Hari did the unthinkable. And it was the biggest sin he has committed regarding Saamy Square. To take a new route, the original Saamy, Arusaamy was killed off. Not in a respectful way. But to create a personal vengeance to the square of Saamy, Ramasaamy, the son of Arusaamy. How dare he to touch the landmark character and use him just as a prop! This spoiled the memory of the great action flick Saamy. if anyone watched Saamy Square, they cannot revisit Saamy with fond memories of the original hero. 

Ravana Pichai played by the National Award winner Bobby Simha, the son of the first film's villain, Pichai Perumal (Kota Srinivasa Rao), learning that his father has been murdered by Aarusaamy and comes to India from Sri Lanka to take his revenge. He does that by killing the men responsible for his father's fate, including Aarusaamy and his wife Bhuvana (Aishwarya Rajesh is a miscast, aarrgh!). He establishes a money laundering network in India, but 28 years later, crosses the path of Ram Saamy. How??? Why???

What Hari seems to have forgotten is that as much as Vikram's terrific performance, what made Aarusaamy (and in extension Saamy, the film) memorable was the script - a familiar cop vs criminal story with well-written supporting characters, a strong villain, impactful masala movie moments, likable romantic scenes, foot-tapping songs and enjoyable comedy narrated in a breathless fashion. 

And to add insult to the injury, we get undercooked characters: a villain who fumes and plots but never acts (but why kill our beloved Saamy in the first place then?), unintentionally hilarious mass moments (like the scenes with reference to the president), cringe-worthy romance, patience-testing songs (unfortunately, Devi Sri Prasad failed to conjure up magic with his sounds this time), and comedy (by Soori) that is as fun watching Vadivelu's fight with the producers of Pulikesi 24. The nods to the first film only make the shortcomings much more obvious.

Saamy Square is a big disappointment in many ways except for Vikram's powerful performance and a couple of good dialogues. Even when you go with no expectations, you'll still be disappointed. If you are a person who loved and owned the first film, better skip this one. Your memories of the classic masala cop entertainer will be ruined. 

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Saamy Square Live Updates & Public Talk

Saamy Square brings back the successful combination of Vikram and Director Hari who together delivered a mass cop drama Saamy. Continuing the sentiment, this film was titled as Saamy Square and has Keerthy Suresh as the female lead. After a long wait, the film has finally hit the screens today. The initial response from the early morning shows is decent with audience expressing that Hari has stuck to his style with over the top action sequences, loud drama, etc.

Hari is said to have a superb job with his pitch-perfect direction and narration. Chiyaan Vikram's continuation of the vintage Aaru Saamy character is said to be yet another major highlight of the film apart from Bobby Simha's performance and background score. There's nothing much of an information on Keerthy Suresh's role and performance. Check out the latest Tweets on Saamy Square below.

The first half of the film is said to be very different from Hari's movies but it is said to be entertaining though with a massive mass interval block. Aishwarya Rajesh gets a negative response as her performance failed to impress the audience as much as Trisha's performance in the first part. Saamy Square is being termed as a perfect sequel to the first part with a similar kind of characterizations and taking.

Stay tuned for more public talk and review of Saamy Square.

Saamy Square Preview

What is Saamy Square about?

Vikram joins director mass director Hari for the much-awaited sequel to their 2003 super hit film Saamy. The film is produced by Shibu Thameens under the Thameens Films banner. Now titled Saamy Square, it features Keerthy Suresh as the female lead along with Prabhu, Bobby Simha, Soori and Aishwarya in pivotal roles. 

Chiyaan Vikram is badly in need of a mass blockbuster these days. Despite few hits every now and then, it has been more than a decade that this highly rated actor scored a real blockbuster his stature deserves. Now, it is up to Hari to give him exactly that with Saamy Square. The film will see Vikram playing the powerful cop, Aarusaamy again. And he also dons the role of Ramasaamy, Aarusaamy's son. 

What to expect from Saamy Square?

Vikram in a mass avatar

Vikram is joining forces with Hari after 14 years. The duo has worked twice before, in Saamy and Arul, during the time Vikram at his box office might. Hari has had a very good run at the box office since then, with most of his movies becoming blockbusters. His association with Suriya has been the most productive and Chiyaan Vikram’s fans would want the director to create similar magic with Saamy Square for their hero. 

Vikram, undoubtedly the most talented actor post-Kamal Haasan, has suffered from multiple setbacks. He has not delivered a proper blockbuster at the box office with the exception of I which was panned by the critics. An actor of his stature definitely deserves better and Hari is capable of delivering him such a mass masala film. We can expect to see Vikram at his massest best. 

Vikram vs Bobby Simha

Saamy Square pits two National Award winners against each other. Bobby Simha is the antagonist in the film and watching him exchange dialogue and action punches with Vikram will be a treat to watch. It is going to be a fight of the heavyweights. We can expect more than just a few sparks to fly. 

Director Hari's magic

Director Hari is not just known for big mass masala action films. His films are paced quite well and the editing plays a very important part in the narrations. Rather than going with lengthy scenes, he uses micro-scenes most of which doesn't even measure a minute in length. Gravity-defying fights aside (not many like that these days), the punch dialogues and goosebumps he gives with hero elevation make his films worthy of the time spent by mass film fans. With Vikram at his command, Saamy Square is going to be a power-packed action entertainment this weekend. 

Many other attractions

Keerthy Suresh who received many accolades for her portrayal of Mahanati Savitri in Nadigaiyar Thilagam pairs up with Vikram for the first time. The music director Devi Sri Prasad returns to deliver foot-tapping songs and intriguing background score. Priyan and Venkatesh Anguraj's cinematography will surely be vibrant and the editing, as usual, keeps the proceedings pacy. 

Watch this space for Saamy Square review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!