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RX 100 Review

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RX 100 Review & Rating


RX 100 review: A Raw Experience

One of the rarest movies with apparently unknown faces that made a lot of buzz these days is RX 100. Starring Karthikeya and Payal Rajput, the movie is much talked about in the days leading to its release. Bold romantic scenes, raw violence, and of course, reminding the audience that this movie is a poor man's Arjun Reddy, all added to the curiosity about the movie. 

Directed by Ram Gopal Varma protege Ajay Bhupathi, RX 100 is titled of the legendary bike released by Yamaha in 1985. The bike was just a 100 cc, but the raw performance it delivered was much above its ability. The movie might not have just been named after the bike the hero rides, it may be about the movie's capacity to punch above its level. 

The director said in the pre-release events that those who want to watch a different movie should only watch RX 100. The comments made by the director and the makers shows the confidence they have in the movie. 2018 already saw a movie with a rural backdrop became one of the biggest hits of all time. Let's see if all this added up to a huge hit for this movie with RX 100 movie review. 

The tale

The story of the movie RX 100 is about a rugged village youth Shiva. He beats up people who he encounters for fun it seems. He fights the village head Viswanatham played deliciously by Rao Ramesh. Shiva is brought up by the funnily named Daddy (played with elegance by yesteryear hero Ramky), the middle-aged man is called by everyone as Daddy. 

The reason for the psychotic behaviour of Shiva is as expected a girl named Indhu. In the past, Daddy helped Viswanatham to gain success politically. But differences cropped up between them as time passed by. Indhu is the daughter of Viswanatham. She ran after Shiva and makes him do dirty things to her. Shiva passionately falls in love with Indhu. 

Knowing about their love, Daddy supports it, but Viswanatham marries away Indu and she goes to America. This is a big shock to Shiva, in the depression caused by the loss of love, he gets addicted to drugs, beats up Viswanatham's goons, and cause damage to his properties. If and how Shiva recovers from this states, and whether the lovers get united in the end forms the crux of RX 100. 

Intense performances

Karthikeya as a failed by a girl sort of lover and a rugged village youth is excellent. Actually, he walked through the character of Shiva. As he said before the release of the movie, he took up the challenge of portraying the role of Shiva. His dialogue delivery is good too. 

Payal Rajput who played the role of Indhu, the girl who is loved by Shiva is good in acting department, and she blurred the line between glamour and boldness in certain scenes. Senior actor Ramky forms the backbone of the film with his measured acting. Rao Ramesh as the villainous village head is an added value to the movie. Rest of the cast did as told by the director.

Direction is good in parts

Coming to the director Ajay Bhupathi, he came up with an excellent subject. The way he conceived a few scenes in the movie is wonderful. But he failed in the narration department. The opening scenes are boring and the first half an hour of the second half dragged. There are a considerably high number of unnecessary scenes in the movie which don't add much to the story. 

Ajay Bhupathi's handling of certain scenes, especially the confrontation between the protagonist and the antagonist are good. The final confrontation between the hero and heroine are excellently executed. The way he brought out the performance from the new faces is superb. 

But he might have thought that inserting a couple of smooches and mating scenes make the audience drool over the movie. It's not the love between the hero and the heroine, it's their lust that is shown on the screen. Too much of such scenes and bloody gore drive the family audience away from this movie. 

The Crew

Songs composed by Chaitanya Bharadwaj are good. Background score by Smaran is mediocre. The cinematography by Raam is first rate. Editing could have been slick. The unnecessary scenes must have been chopped off without mercy. Production values by Karthikeya Creative Works (KCW) are great for the budget. The movie is sold for a fancy value deservedly. 


On a whole, RX 100 might not have punched above its weight, but a significent work by a young team. Intense performances, raw and realistic narration, and the bold scenes (attracts the younger audience) make this movie an interesting watch this weekend. But it may not appeal for the family audience. RX 100 is watchable for its idea. 

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RX 100 Live Updates & Public Talk

The much talked about RX 100 is finally hits the screens. Post Arjun Reddy, boldness in the movies seems to have increased. With the trailers and teasers, this small film directed by Ajay Bhupathi who had apprenticed with Ram Gopal Varma promised few thrills with romantic scenes and raw characters. The movie hit the screens and the early and morning shows are underway. Performances of hero Karthikeya and heroine Payal Rajput are praised and the narration with a realistic feel is getting appreciated. 

The raw narration and intense performances by the lead pair are said to be the plus points of this movie. But the second half is said to have been dragged. The bold romantic scenes and interesting scenes in the first half make it a breezy watch. Few other comments say that the final half an hour or so elevates the movie to the next level with an interesting twist. Senior actor Ramky makes a comeback to Tollywood with this film. His performance is said to be the highlight of the movie. 

Rx 100 is praised by one and all for its intense and realistic narration despite few mixed reviews. The lead actors performance receive applause. Ajay Bhupathi's idea of making such a film is praiseworthy. 

By the time the evening shows roll out, RX 100 is turning out to be another cult film with a lot of positive buzz among the youth. The common theme is RX 100 is a gritty and realistic romantic drama and the acting by Karthikeya, Payal Rajput, Ramki, and Rao Ramesh is brilliant. 


RX 100 Preview

What Is RX 100 All About?

RX 100 is a coming of age intense action entertainer which is directed by Ajay Bhupathi who is making his directorial debut with this film. The film has newcomer Karthikeya Reddy in the lead role while Payal Rajput, a north Indian actress plays his love interest. The raw and bold trailer of RX100 has surprised even the industry bigwigs like Ram Gopal Varma. With good promotional strategies, the film has created a buzz for itself especially among the youth. RX 100 is expected to be a revenge drama which is shot in a realistic manner by the director Ajay Bhupathi.

What To Expect From RX 100?

Raw & Realistic Approach

The first thing which one can notice after watching the trailer for RX100 is that the director has chosen a different approach to make this film. The action sequences which were shown in the trailer and promos are quite intense as well as realistic and have been shot well. Director Ajay Bhupathi has said many times that RX 100 is a raw film and it has touched upon few issues which no Telugu director ever tried. Not just the action sequences, the way romantic scenes have been shot and showcased in quite bold and different when compared to regular Telugu movies which makes RX100 interesting.

Intense Performances

RX 100 boasts of senior actors like Rao Ramesh apart from the relatively less experienced actors like Karthikeya Reddy and Payal Rajput. As we all know, Rao Ramesh is a fantastic actor and there's no exaggeration in saying that he is the best character artist of Tollywood right now. He seems to be playing the antagonist in the film which will obviously give him ample scope for performance.

Coming to the lead actors, Karthikeya Reddy has shown a great promise in the trailer and promos and if he could actually live up to the expectations, it will be remembered as a great debut for an actor. He has got the chiseled body to make the fight sequences believable and the intensity in his eyes in few scenes in the trailer is just brilliant. The female lead Payal Rajput is an award-winning actress who acted in the Punjabi remake of Marathi blockbuster Sairat. Going by the trailer and the words of director Ajay, we can expect intense performances from these 3 actors at least.

Technically Sound Film

RX 100 has some of the best Telugu songs in the recent times especially Pilla Raa sung by the most happening Anurag Kulkarni has become a huge chartbuster. The visuals in the promos of songs looked bright and rich showing the good quality production values. Speaking about the cinematography, it looks very different as the director Ajay comes from the school of RGV's filmmaking. The cinematographer Raam seems to have taken utmost care to capture the intense emotions and it is evident from the trailer itself. The team of RX 100 looks very confident and we can expect a film which is technically sound considering the low budget of the film.