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A Action, Romance 2 hrs 33 mins Jul 12, 2018
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RX 100 Story

Director: Ajay Bhupathi

Cast:  Karthikeya as Shiva, Payal Rajput as Indhu, Rao Ramesh as Vishwanath, Ramki as Daddy. 

The rustic romantic drama RX 100 is set in a small village in Andhra Pradesh. RX 100 is the story of Shiva who’s an angry, young man who drives an RX 100, smokes ganja and beats up everyone he sees. He’s a poor man’s Arjun Reddy in a way – angry, volatile, unstable and heartbroken. More often than not, there’s a girl responsible for such behavior, and in Shiva’s case, it’s his love for Indhu that drives him crazy. He was brought up by the funnily named Daddy as he was an orphan. 

The reason for his depressing heartbreak was the daughter of a politician and the village head Vishwanath, the city-bred Indhu. She lusts after Shiva's toned body and his raw sex appeal. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it. It’s not long before she tells him how she feels. She teaches him how to kiss and soon, the two are inseparable. 

By now, Shiva is head over heels in love with Indhu. Daddy helped Vishwanath many times in the village politics. But unfortunately, they have fallen apart due to various reasons. Once Vishwanath comes across their love, he marries his daughter off and sends her to America. With Indhu gone, Shiva becomes depressed and in the rage beats Vishwanath's men every time he comes across them. he also creates problems for Vishwanath's businesses. 

But there's more than that which meets the eyes. Why Indhu left Shiva, and if Shiva finally recovers or unite with Indhu forms the rest of the story. 

The movie became a sensational hit at the box office. It received mixed reviews when released but that didn't stop the movie to become a big success. The lead pair's acting, Ajay Bhupathi's direction received great praise. RX 100 is also said to be one of the best Telugu movies in Telugu in 2018.

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