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Romeo Akbar Walter Full Movie

Thriller Apr 5, 2019
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Romeo Akbar Walter Story

Director: Robbie Grewal

Cast: John Abraham Romeo/Akbar Malik/Walter Khan, Mouni Roy as Shraddha Sharma, Jackie Shroff as Shrikant Rai, Sikander Kher as Colonel Khan, Anil George as Isaq Afridi, and Raghubir Yadav as Mudassar. 

Romeo Akbar Walter tells the story of an undercover agent working for RAW (Research and Analysis Wing of India) and his adventures. Romeo is a banker who lives happily like the youngsters of his age-group dreaming about future with his family. In an unusual circumstance, he foils a bank robbery and gets into contact with RAW chief Shrikant Rai. The robbery was staged and Shrikant recruits Romeo as an agent. After much deliberation, Romeo decides to join forces with Shrikant's team.

He is trained in combat and communication. He leaves his family and girlfriend Shraddha Sharma behind and promises his mother that he'd return home soon. He is sent to Pakistan as an undercover agent and assumes the name, Akbar Malik. He is aided by a Pakistani local Mudassar who is planted by RAW. He gets closer to Isaq Afridi, and gains his trust. Akbar time and again declares his hatred towards India and saves the life of Afridi when his rival attacks him.

Using his insider's knowledge, Akbar informs Shrikant about a planned attack on Badlipur in India. During the process, he also meets his girlfriend who is also recruited by RAW. Soon Akbar's cover is blown up and he finds himself in a situation where there is no escape. Shrikant double-crosses him saying that Romeo aka Akbar has become more like a Pakistani. Pakistan Colonel, Khan gets wind Akbar's identity and chases him down. How Romeo/Akbar escapes and gets his revenge on those who left him in the middle of the storm form the rest of the story.

Romeo Akbar Walter received a mixed response from the critics and went on to become a commercial success by recovering all its expenses. John Abraham's performance in the eponymous roles received praised and so I'd the case with non-jingoistic plot of the film. But the film is criticised for its often oversimplified plot and lack of depth.

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