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Comedy, Family Jun 25, 2017
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Role Models Story

Director: Raffi

Cast: Fahadh Faasil as Gautham, Vinayakan as Jyothis Narayanan, Sharaf U Dheen as Rexxie, Srinda Arhaan as Christy, Aju Varghese as Kiran, Namitha Pramod as Shreya

Gautham, who was an amiable young man, suddenly becomes aloof and distant. Worried that his son is gay after finding out he publically insulted a girl during a date, Gautham's father asks his friends to come down and find out what is wrong. Rexie and Jyothis, two of close friends, is stunned by Gautham's change. However, they manage to affirm that Gautham is not gay.

During the college days, Gautham, Rexxie, and Jyothis, along with another friend Subhan, had a band named Role Models. Once, Gautham's parents who did not like his friends gave a complaint to the principle which led to the expulsion of three of his friends. Gautham tried to explain his part but Subhan suddenly asked Gautham if he had really trust them so much why was he keeping love affair secret and the gang slipt up. 

Rexxie and Jyothis who has now rejoined with Gautham convince him to meet Subhan by lying that he is diagnosed with cancer. Gautham meets Subhan and everyone gets along well. Rexxie asks Subhan who was Gautham's girlfriend and Subhan reveals it to be Christy, a tomboy they all knew. All the three goes and bring down Christy who was about to get married as a surprise to Gautham. But the Gautham tells them it wasn't Christy but Shreya he loved. The rest of the film is about how Gautham is reunited with Shreya.

Role Models ended up an average fare at the box office and was passed off by the critics as a fun family entertainer. The film had Harishree Asokan reprising his cult role Ramanan from the epic comedy classic Punjabi House. 

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