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Rocketry: The Nambi Effect

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Rocketry: The Nambi Effect
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Actor R. Madhavan's dream project Rocketry: The Nambi Effect is a biographical thriller based on the life of the eminent scientist Nambi Narayanan. Madhavan himself stars as Nambi Narayanan and co-directs the film with Anant Mahadevan. Rocketry is jointly produced by Madhavan's Tricolor Films, Varghese Moolan Pictures, and Saffron Ganesha Entertainment. After a lengthy pre-production period, Rocketry was launched in October 2018. Rocketry is aimed to hit the screens during the summer of 2019. 

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect is the story of how a man wronged means a nation wronged. The nation is India and the man in question is Nambi Narayan. Showing the power of film as a media, Madhavan has decided to tell the story of Nambi Narayanan, the forgotten eminent scientist of India whose research in cryogenics was at the foremost of India's success in the space race. 

The movie will cover the life of Nambi Narayanan when he was a young man with a bellyful of dreams through to his development as a world-class scientist who was in charge of overseeing the cryogenic division of ISRO (Indian Space research organization).

In 1994, he and few other scientists and a couple of Maldivians were arrested on the charges of espionage. He was kept in jail for about 50 days and was tortured to bring the information out of him. But all the allegations proved false and he was released and the Supreme Court of India ordered Kerala State Government to pay him an amount of Rs. 50 lakhs as compensation for all these suffering he had undergone. Had he not been arrested and India's cryogenic mission moved forward as he envisioned, projects like Mangalyan would have been made possible 20  years ago. A man was wronged and in effect, the country was wronged. 

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  • R. Madhavan


  • Sam C S

    Music Director

  • R. Madhavan