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U/A Crime, Drama 1 hrs 51 mins Dec 8, 2017





Richie Review & Rating


Richie starring Nivin Pauly and Shradhha Srinath in the lead roles ha s hit the screens finally. Having a Malayalam actor as the male lead, the movie managed to grab many screens, thanks to the hype around the film. Will the movie live up to all this hype, let's find out. The story is set up in Tuticorin which is known for shipping mafia in the film. The people of Manapad make arrangements to celebrate a big festival and the story gets interesting one of the villagers discovers a treasure. At this point, Nivin Pauly is introduced as a local goon, Richie. How the treasure thing unfolds as the story moves forward should be seen on the big screen.

Rating 3.5 from  newsfolo

The twist in the movie begins while celebration when one of the villagers accidentally discovers ...

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Nivin Pauly is extremely convincing as Richie a local rowdy with a mass attitude. He is an absolute treat to watch in this mass avatar and it is a complete makeover from his recent film Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela. Though he is introduced after a while in the first half, he takes over from there and carries the film on his shoulders. Considering the fact that Richie is her first film, Shraddha Srinath impresses with her looks as well as performance. Nataraj Subramanyian as a thug does justice to his role, Prakash Raj and others performed well in their roles.

Rating 3.5 from  pressks

Richie movie is the best mixture of the action, crime and drama. The performance of the actor Niv...

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Technically, the film is brilliant and looks quite different from what we see regularly in Tamil cinema. Pandi Kumar has captured the coastal locations of Manapad beautifully and the festival sequences are a treat to watch. Editing and art direction are fine. Coming to director Gautham Ramachandran he does a fairly good job in presenting Nivin Pauly in a new avatar and presents us with a new kind of neo-noir film. Had he taken care of entertainment factor, the film would've been even better. Production Values are neat.

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The film’s plot is very familiar. A single incident paves way for multiple versions because diffe...

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Verdict: Nivin Pauly steals the show in this well-made mass thriller.

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Nivin Pauly's Tamil debut movie 'Richie' is one of the most awaited films of the year and has hit the screens today after multiple postponements. The audience and critics are posting about the film on Social media platforms. Most of the Tweets are positive and a few of them are negative, take a look.

Nivin Pauly's neo-noir film is getting decent to mixed response from the critics and audience as well. Nivin is being praised for choosing an unconventional story as his first Tamil movie and the screenplay of the film is being praised. Check out the latest Tweets.

As the day comes to an end, Richie has settled down with decent response from the audience. Movie lovers are liking the power packed performances from the lead cast and a different kind of narration from Gautham.

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Richie Preview

What is it about?

‘Richie’ is the first direct Tamil film of Nivin Pauly and the film also stars Natarajan Subramaniam, Shraddha Srinath, and Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli in pivotal roles. Directed by Gautham Ramachandran, the film tells the story of a murder that takes place during the festival of Sri Krishna Janmashtami and five people who witnessed the crime.

What to expect?

  • Good Performances

    The film stars Nivin Pauly who has worked in hit films like ‘Premam’, ‘Action Hero Birju’ and ‘Sakhavu’ and a great performance by the actor can be expected in this film too. Experienced actors like Natarajan Subramaniam, Shraddha Srinath, and Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli also appear in important roles.

  • Mass Entertainer

The film directed by Gautham Ramachandran is set to be a mass entertainer with great music and cinematography to get the audience excited throughout the film.

  • Interesting storytelling

The film is a story of five different people telling the story of a murder that took place during Sri Krishna Janmashtami when everyone walked on the streets dressed like characters from mythology. These five people recall the crime from their different perspective.

  • Intense Thriller

Though the film is a mass entertainer, the second half of the film is an intense thriller with twists and turns that will shock the audience. The storytelling is from the points of view of five different people which makes it even more interesting.