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Asche Aabar Shabor Full Movie

A Action, Thriller Jan 19, 2018
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Asche Abar Shabor Story

Director: Arindam Sil

Cast: Saswata Chatterjee as ACP Shabor Dasgupta, Subhrajeet Dutta as SI Nandalal Roy, Gaurav Chakraborty as SI Sanjib Das, Indraneil Sengupta as Bijoy Sen

Asche Abar Shabor is the third installment of Arindam Sil's Shabor series after Ebar Shabor and Eagoler Chokh. Based on Sharadindu's thriller novel Projapotir Mrityu O Punorjonmo, the movie takes the story of Inspector Shabor Dasgupta forward. Crossing the border of West Bengal, Shabor reached Lucknow to investigate a gruesome crime and discovers the root of crime is much deeper than he thought. This time, Shabor is investigation a series of ruthless murders that he believes is a serial killing. 

The film starts when two young women in the city are found raped and murdered in a similar fashion. ACP Shabor Dasgupta (a brilliant Saswata Chatterjee) of the West Bengal Police is appointed to investigate the matter. He with his sidekick Nandalal Roy (Subhrajit) started to look into the case. Sanjib Das (Gaurav) also joins the team. Soon, another murder took place. This time, an 18-year-old Rinku Roy (Diti Saha), a spoilt rich kid becomes the victim. Rinku was reportedly having an affair with  38-year-old Bijon Sen (Indraneil Sengupta). The twisted crime case takes Shabor through a network of sex-crimes, illegitimate affairs, and filthy superstitions. Will Shabor be able to overcome all the obstacles and catch the root of all the crimes?

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