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Rangasthalam Review

U/A Drama, Realistic 2 hrs 59 mins Mar 30, 2018





Rangasthalam Review & Rating


Rangasthalam starts the long line of summer movies in Telugu. That Sukumar is making a period drama set in a village and Ram Charan joins Samantha for the first time created unusual buzz around this movie. Talk that Rangasthalam will become a career best work of both the lead actors and the director grew as the release date drew nearer. 

Film directors can be categorised into two types. The directors and the filmmakers. Directors make films just like that. But filmmakers stamp their mark on the movie. They have their own way of filmmaking. Sukumar is one such filmmaker. In a career of 14 years, he made only 6 movies. Rangasthalam is his 7th work. Right from his first film, he established a novel style of filmmaking in Telugu. Most of his movies are character driven. 

With a talented cast of Ram Charan, Samantha, Jagapathi Babu, Aadhi Pinisetty, Anasuya Bharadwaj, and Prakash Raj Sukumar weaved Rangasthalam. It promised to fill the void of proper village movies with rugged and rustic characters. Let's see how he fulfilled the promise with Rangasthalam review. 


The story of this movie is age old one. A village. Ruled by an iron fist of a Dora and  here, in this case, a long standing president. People of the village have long forgotten his name. For everyone, he is the president garu. A cooperative society which gives loans to the village farmers and small scale workers. Everything is controlled by the president and his cronies. 

When someone stands for the people, that someone vanishes without a trace. Or die in mysterious circumstances. Rangasthalam starts with such death, of Abbulu. The president visits the bereaved family and donates them few bucks to the father, who do not know how the son died. 

But things don't stand the same all the time. Kumar Babu, a well educated and foreign returned (Dubai) youngster stands up for the villagers. When his brother Chitti Babu is arrested and the president declines to help, he takes the help of Dakshinamurthy the MLA of their constituency and files nomination for the president election. What happened to Kumar Babu the newest rival to the president, how he and his brother fought for the people, and whether his goal is achieved forms the crux of the story. 

Rangasthalam players

Rangasthalam is a stage set for a drama to unfold. In the movie, Rangasthalam is the village of Kumar Babu and his brother Chitti Babu. The main players in Rangasthalam are:

1. Ram Charan as Chitti Babu is a revelation. This is certainly his best role and his performance is well above expectations. As the rugged village youngster, Ram Charan played a character often associated with Tamil Cinema and characters played by the likes of Karthi, Dhanush etc al. In all departments, looks, comedy, dialogue delivery, action sequences, and screen presence, Ram Charan is authentic. His character in this movie and his work are as good and memorable as Mahesh's character in Murari. 

2. Samantha as the village belle didn't have much to do in this movie. But she excelled in every area. She was both cute in love scenes and emoted well wherever necessary. Especially in Rangamma Mangamma song, Samantha steals the show. 

3. Jagapathi Babu as the village president delivered a stellar performance. Cigar smoking and the salt and pepper look added an aura necessary for such characters. His dialogue delivery is impeccable. The way he looks cross at others is menacing

4. Aadhi Pinisetty as Kumar Babu the president aspirant and the do-gooder looked the part of the role. Of all the characters major and minor in Rangasthalam, he is only one with sophisticated looks. His screen presence is apt for the character. The chemistry between Ram Charan and Aadhi worked out very well. As the brothers, they can be mistaken for real. 

5. Anasya Bharadwaj as Rangammatta did a stunning job. Her rustic looks and performance took the character to the next level. As the village single woman whose husband works in Dubai, Anasuya added value to the story. 

6. Prakash Raj proved himself to be a class apart long ago. His role is limited in Rangasthalam, but the scope of the character is high. As a politician, he lent authenticity to the character. The way he expressed helplessness to fight the president of the village despite him being the MLA of the constituency shows why he is such a valuable actor. 

7. Naresh as the father of the protagonists did a fabulous job, He is one of the most highly rated actors in Telugu. He is natural as a village tailor. He has three highlight scenes in the movie. One is when the village president imposed a fine upon him. Two when he had to send Chitti Babu away from home, and third in a tragic scene. His work in all those scenes is a masterclass.

8. Special mention should be given to the guy who played Chitti Babu friend who gives him the day's news and Brahmaji. Chitti Babu friend did a memorable job. Brahmaji played similar roles numerous times, but he excelled again. 

Pooja Hegde sizzled in an item song. Rest of the cast looked part and made the roles their own. Station Naidu character remains with you for a long time. 

The director

Sukumar conceived a known story. But the narration is what makes the difference. His direction is authoritative. The detailing and execution of certain scenes leave you in marvel. The screenplay is, yes the screenplay is the culprit again in a way. The opening scene is stunning but it doesn't belong to the main story. The story doesn't start until later in the second half. 

What we think of as the story is not what we are given. The twists go haywire in execution and the audience feel cheated. The narration goes in many directions. The way he took the audience into the world of Rangasthalam is great. The interval episode is done very well. In spite of all this, he did keep everything interesting. Though Rangasthalam is 3 hours long, the narration feels breezy. Dialogues go with the flow of the narration. Some of the highlight dialogues in the trailer surprise you in the movie. 

The Crew

The audio is already a big hit and after a long time, every song in the album worked well. Picturisation of the songs is top class. Background score complemented the narration. Devi Sri Prasad did a fantastic job. The cinematography is atmospheric. Ratnavelu captured the time of the story very well. Visuals are authentic. The director's vision is captured by him. The nighttime scenes are as good as it gets. 

Art direction by Rama Krishna Monika deserves special mention. The locations are authentic in feel. A rustic village is created for this film. The houses, the roads, the farms, and even the rustic scenery are well created. The audience is taken to the village Rangasthalam. Production values are first rate. Every penny spent can be seen on the screen. 


Rangasthalm is the vision of Sukumar. Everyone did their job in bringing his vision to life. The cast is superb. Everyone looked part of village life. They lived through the characters. Ram Charan gave his career best performance and is complemented well by the other cast members. The crew did a fantabulous job. But we get a feeling that something is missing. Plots and structures are left in the air. The screenplay is incoherent. The story started only towards the second half. Twists marred the viewing experience. Overall, Rangasthalam is a very different watching experience to the Telugu audience. An authentic village movie is promised and delivered. But for the screenplay problems, Rangasthalam could have been a masterpiece. 

Rangasthalam Critic Reviews

Rangasthalam User Reviews

  • Satya

    11 Apr 18 @ 10:34 AM

    Rangasthalam - Nostalgia Into The 80s

    What happens when a talented director joins hands with a mass hero for a mass film which appeals to everyone? Well, Rangasthalam happens. Sukumar who has been one of the most respected directors has finally come up with a mass entertainer after Jagadam and he is successful in making this one a cult film. For an average movie goer Rangasthalam might be just a regular rural commercial entertainer, but for movie lovers, it is a treat to watch the tiny nuances of the actors during their performances and the amount of efforts technical team and Sukumar have put in for this film. Rangasthalam is an honest attempt from the team which is a must watch for all the Telugu audience. Barring a few glitches here and there, Rangasthalam stands out as a pure winner.

  • Darling

    31 Mar 18 @ 7:21 PM



  • Sai

    10 Dec 18 @ 9:59 PM

    The movie is so nice ram charan acting is so good

Rangasthalam Live Updates & Public Talk

Sukumar has always been a class director who once failed as a mass director with Jagadam as he got confused to deal with the lead character. On the other hand, Ram Charan is known for his mass roles has turned as classy as possible in Dhruva. Who would've thought that they both would team up for an out and out rural mass entertainer set in the backdrop of 1980s. That dream come true happened last year and now the movie is all set and ready to entertain the audience and the fans of Sukumar and Ram Charan. Expectations have been sky high on this project as the first look, teasers, trailer and songs have received a unanimous positive response from the movie lovers. Keeping the expectations on Rangasthalam aside, Tollywood, in general, is in need of a big blockbuster as none of the biggies in 2018 impressed the audience till now. The film which was supposed to release in January has finally hit the screens today and let's see what the audience are saying about Rangasthalam.

Positive reports are pouring in from the USA premieres and the common thing in all the Tweets is that Ram Charan has done a fantastic job as Chitti Babu. Sukumar seems to have written a brilliant character in the form of Chitti Babu which according to the audience will be remembered forever as one of the best roles in Tollywood. As the first half has come to an end in few shows, the audience are already saying that Ram Charan's performance as Chitti Babu is his career best.

As at 9:00 AM IST, Rangasthalam has mostly received a positive response from both the USA premieres and benefit shows in the Telugu states. The first half seems to be an entertaining one with a career-best performance from Ram Charan and Samantha's natural performance as Rama Lakshmi. The second half is said to be a little dragged with intense performances from the lead cast and a Sukku-mark climax. Stay tuned for more Public Talk and Live Updates on Rangasthalam. With so much positivity around the project and not many big releases and summer holidays, Ram Charan has all the chances to score his career biggest hit surpassing Magadheera. While the performances are said to be outstanding from all the actors, Devi Sri Prasad is said to have elevated them further with his amazing background score. Check out the latest Tweets below.

Not just Ram Charan fans and normal audience, even the critics are pretty impressed with Ram Charan's performance and his guts to do such a raw film like Rangasthalam. Sukumar has always been brilliant as a storyteller but being too creative and intelligent has sometimes worked against his films. But this time around he seems to have planned things very carefully as he recreates the magic of 1980s setup successfully. Rathnavelu and Sukumar's combination seems to have worked once again as they have presented the audience with such beautiful visuals. See the latest Tweets below.

There's no stopping for the positive response and praises from the audience towards the team of Rangasthalam as they've presented a well-made commercial entertainer to watch with the entire family. Ram Charan who has been trying to satisfy the critics seems to have now silenced them as he breathes life into the character of Chitti Babu. Samantha too seems to have perfectly fit in the character of Rama Lakshmi an innocent yet brave girl who falls for Chitti Babu. The climax is said to be one of the major highlights of the film and has been dealt supremely well by none other than Sukumar. Ram Charan has finally got some scope for performance and he grabbed the opportunity with both the hands and delivered an outstanding performance, especially in the last 20 minutes say some of the critics. Check out what else the audience have to say about Charan and Rangasthalam.

Critics are raving about the film and Ram Charan's performance in particular. Though Sukumar seems to have chosen a flat story compared to his (confusing) previous flicks like Nannaku Prematho and 1 Nenokkadine, he seems to have narrated it very well. The presence of Pooja Hegde in an item song and Rangamma Mangamma song turning out to be a chartbuster seems to have helped the things in single screens. Though it is for the first time Charan and Samantha are sharing the screen the scenes in their combination seems to have worked out very well. Well, with Rangasthalam being termed as a career-defining moment in Ram Charan's career and the best work of Sukumar, this is what the public is saying about the film.

While Ram Charan is being called as a show stealer in Rangasthalam movie, the rest of the cast too seems to have their bit perfectly. Samantha plays Chitti Babu's love interest, Rama Lakshmi, whereas Anasuya plays Rangamatta and both these ladies are said to have done a great job with their roles. Jagapathi Babu, Aadhi Pinishetty, and Prakash Raj seem to have performed their roles with utmost perfection as they stand out for the finest actors they are.

With morning shows in the Telugu states coming to an end, Rangasthalam continues to receive more positive response and feedback from the audience. Rangasthalam has turned out to be that one major blockbuster from a star hero Tollywood has been looking at. Ram Charan is known for his box office stamina as he scored many hits just with his star power. Now with so many positive reviews and so much positive word of mouth he is all set to rule the box office. Keeping the box office calculations aside Rangasthalam is said to remain as a cult classic in Telugu cinema for its technical brilliance and actors' performances. Check out more Public Talk of Rangasthalam below.

Stay tuned for more Live Updates and Public Talk of Rangasthalam.

Rangasthalam Preview

What is Rangasthalam about?

Rangasthalam means the stage set or the theatre for a drama to be played on.

Director Sukumar proved himself to be very creative when it comes to storytelling. Every one of his movies is different in subject matter and narration. After the psychological thriller in the form of 1: Nenokkadine, he came up with a film like Nannaku Prematho. Now, his new film Rangasthalam is a village set period drama. Ram Charan, Samantha, Jagapathi Babu, Aadhi Pinisetty, and Anasuya Bharadwaj are set to thrill us in the lead roles.

Rangasthalam is produced by Naveen Yerneni, Y. Ravi Shankar, Mohan Cherukuri on Mythri Movie Makers banner. Usual for Sukumar, Devi Sri Prasad has composed the musical score of this movie. Ratnavelu joined Sukumar to handle the cinematography after a movie gap. With all the usual suspects with him, Sukumar can be expected to create magic on the silver screen.

As the Shakespeare saying goes,

All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players

Sukumar who directed Rangasthalam revealed his interpretation of the title. A village is like a stage and the residents are like actors. They have some emotions and have divergent feelings. But, when there is a problem in one family or among the neighbours, all of them get united to solve it.

There are five main characters in the movie. Ram Charan plays the role of a village guy who is deaf. The villagers call him a sound engineer because of this. Chitti Babu doesn't listen to the words of the others. He watches them. Samantha played the role of a village belle named Ramalakshmi. Her raw looks in the posters and the trailer attracted widespread critical acclaim. Jagapathi Babu plays the main antagonist in the movie. His role is that of the village president. Aadhi Pinisetty is introduced as Kumar Babu, a sarpanch aspirant. He is Chitti Babu's elder brother. And then there is Rangammatta played by Anasuya Bharadwaj. She is the aunt of the protagonist. Apart from these five main characters, there is Prakash Raj playing the role of Dakshinamurthy.

What to expect from Rangasthalam?

Sukumar magic

Director Sukumar is giving us a village drama with Rangasthalam. His interpretation of the title of the movie is very deep. Known for his boundless creativity, Sukumar can narrate any story with multiple layers. But it seems he has selected a simple story for Rangasthalam. Based on his track record, we can expect an entirely different movie experience. Sukumar's protagonists have gray shades and strong author-backed roles.

Impressed with Sukumar's work ethic and working style, out of the box thinking, and logical narration ability made Ram Charan rope him for doing a project in his home banner Konidela Productions with none other than Mega Star Chiranjeevi. All this shows that Rangasthalam is going to be a top class viewing experience.

Ram Charan and Samantha

It has been 15 months since Ram Charan's last film released. After the success of Dhruva, Ram Charan take up the role of a village guy with deafness. His makeover for the role of Chitti Babu is quite amazing. He sported a dense beard for this character. This is his first movie in the direction of Sukumar.

Samantha is paired with Ram Charan for the first time in this movie. She is in great form with hits like Raju Gari Gadhi 2, and Mersal. After treading the commercial path, Samantha is now back to strong female characters. Her role as Ramalakshmi exudes a raw beauty. Her looks and styling got a great response from the audience. Ram Charan already praised Samantha saying she helped him deliver a more compelling performance. So, Rangasthalam is a treat for both Ram Charan and Samantha fans. Their performance can be expected to create sparks on the big screen.

Village drama

There used to be a time when most of the moves are village based. With family relations and village politics, films used to be grounded in reality. With time most of the movies are set in the backdrop of cities. Rangasthalam is different in this regard. A major hero's film is set in village backdrop. The lifestyle of rural areas and the relationships are guaranteed to wow the audience. All the characters except Kumar Babu looking rustic which is very rare in Telugu Cinema.

Strong support cast

Jagapathi Babu is sporting a salt and pepper look, and cigar smoking. He is playing the main antagonist role in this movie. This is his second film with director Sukumar after Nannaku Premato where he played the critically acclaimed role of villain. Aadhi Pinsetty in the role of Kumar Babu, the brother of Chitti Babu is the only sophisticated character in the movie. Kumar Babu is a sarpanch aspirant. Anasuya Bharadwaj's Rangammatta character seems to be rugged and rustic. Prakash Raj's character Dakshinamurthy will surely play an important part in the story.

Music and cinematography

Ever since Devi Sri Prasad scored music for Sukumar's debut film Aarya, he has become a permanent fixture in Sukumar's movies. All the movies of Sukumar are musical hits and an energetic item song has virtually become guarantee in his movies. Devi Sri Prasad's music of Rangasthalam is a big hit and the songs of this movie are heard everywhere. Rangamma Mangamma is the pick of the lot and Entha Sakkagunnave became a fan favourite. The album drew great response both from the audience and the critics. We can't wait to see how the songs are picturised.

Ratnavelu has given some of his best work for Sukumar as a cinematographer. From what we can see from the trailer, his cinematography is one of the major highlights of the film. The visuals are great and capture the rustic beauty of village atmosphere.

Grand production values

Mythri Movie Makers previously produced movies like Srimanthudu and Janatha Garge. Rich production values are the hallmark of their projects. Now with Sukumar's attention to detail, Rangasthalam promises to be a visual feast.

Watch this space for Rangasthalam review and rating, be right back.