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Rang De Review

U/A Drama, Family, Rom-Com 2 hrs 10 mins Mar 26, 2021





Rang De Review & Rating

Rang De Review: Break De A De A De A De

The premise

Both the lead actors need a break. After a few failures. And the director need a break to bounce back after the familiar debacle of his second film after a successful first film. They’re all asking this film: Break De. Have they got their break through this film? Let’s see with Rang De review. 

Typical Tollywood romantic comedy (means romantic drama)

The film is a romantic comedy. As it’s a Tollywood romantic comedy, in the second half it becomes a romantic drama with emotional thread. As it’s a romantic comedy, the relationship between the lead pair starts with antagonism. But the biggest difference is the hero couldn’t bring himself to love the heroine till the very last minute of the film. May be a variation of Stockholm Syndrome played a part in the climax. Saying this as we all know the climax. 


The story is routine. 

So, there’s a cute little boy who commands the attention and affection of everyone in his surroundings. If a cute little thing is getting so much of attention from his surroundings, he certainly develops a sort of superiority complex. When one breaks it, he becomes jealous. Simple human psychology. Director Venky Atluri knows this well. So, he took an old story and set it with a little newer twist. And then followed the human psychology and basic subconscious motives of human beings. 

So, our little Arjun finds himself competing for attention with Anu. Little Anu comes into his kingdom when she is 4 years old. And so, the love hate love marriage hate love hate divorce love hate and finally love story begins. Quite naturally and like in real life Anu excels in her studies and our hero like any self respecting youth have all the backlogs in engineering. Like a typical Telugu cinema hero he clears them and then scores well in GMAT. 

But before that moment, he’s compared to Anu in every little aspect and is shunted by his father. This leads first to jealousy. Then to anger. Then to fury. Which finally turns into hatred. But suddenly in a twist, he has to marry Anu. But his hatred for her is intact. This is the interval point. We know the second half is emotional after a breezy first half full of entertainment. 


Nithiin is back into his familiar territory and is good in a role he sleepwalks any day. Right from the dialogue delivery to body language to screen presence, he’s confident and self assured. That he’s getting into middle age couldn’t be covered by make-up is a sad truth. On the other hand Keerthy Suresh who shed a few kilograms recently is good in her role. In fact, she squarely dominated Nithiin with her performance in the scenes that really matter. Nithiin is good in dances and fights. Keerthy aced the emotional scenes apart from showing ease in light hearted scenarios. 

The lead pair chemistry, charm, and that this being a familiar zone for Nithiin make us forget the flaws in the film. Naresh as Nithiin’s father is excellent. Rohini as Keerthy’s mother is an asset in the emotional scenes. Kausalya is decent in her role. Abhinav Gomaam is terrific as hero’s sidekick. Suhas is under-utilised. Vennela Kishore is terrific in the second half. 

Writing and direction 

Venky Atluri has mastered romantic genre. His strength is his writing and integrating various details into the narration. He has a knack to use human psychology in a precise manner in etching his characters. Though many of the scenes are seen or feel like they’re obvious, he brought a depth that’s unheard of in other similar films of this genre. He upgrades the formula to work for current times. Finally he might have lost his interest in London and set his eyes on Dubai for this film. So, freshness in terms of scenery too. 

The crew

The music of this film is a big disappointment. Though the songs looked good on screen thanks to Venky’s classy way of execution, we should say: Break de to Devi Sri Prasad. As much as the narrator tried to elevate the scenes with his writing, the background score tried to bring the same a notch below. But in this tussle Venky Atluri won for a majority of the times. The presence of the genre veteran Nithiin and a top class actress like Keerthy Suresh helped him in no small way. 

The cinematography by P. C. Sriram is poetry on screen. The lighting patterns, colour palettes, and the vibrancy in visuals added to the energy of the film. The editing is okay. The art department did a fine job. The production values are good. 


Rang De is in no way a new film. It’s as routine as it gets but there is ample freshness in narration and the lead pair chemistry. This may well be the answer to the call of the lead pair and the director: Break De. Yes. It’s a one time watch. And May we’ll work at the box office if other films fail. 

Rating: 2.75 out of 5. 

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