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Rakshasudu (2019) Review

U/A Crime, Thriller 2 hrs 29 mins Aug 2, 2019





Rakshasudu (2019) Review & Rating


Rakshasudu Review: Bellamkonda Arun Sreenivas Passes With Distinction

The premise

There is a youngster who wants to be a filmmaker but couldn’t get a proper break. He wants to carve his own path but couldn’t. Still, he persists. He does a lot of research about serial killers and gathers so much information about them. So much so that he can easily smell if a murder is committed by an ordinary killer or a serial killer. He can read the patterns.  

There is a youngster who wants to become a film hero and enjoy the stardom. He loved the adulation film stars receive. He has done film after film but couldn’t find success. He first aimed for a mass image. But found it limiting his selection of subjects. He tried his hands with younger filmmakers and concept based films but still, the result is the same. He’s nearly on the verge of a breakdown. His career which he wanted to have badly is on the line. One last chance. 

The first youngster's father was a policeman. When he dies, this guy has no other option but to become the breadwinner of the family. The second youngster is Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas. His father was a noted producer and had given him all his support. The first youngster has no other choice except getting a job in order to help his family. Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas has played the character of the first youngster. 

And for the first time in his career, Sreenivas played a role which doesn’t just have parallels to his own fledgling career but also apt for his age and ability. That of a youngster in modern society. And we all know the story of Ratsasan and hence that if Rakshasudu. Don’t pretend. If you’re a film buff of a youngster and have heard of streaming services you must have watched Ratsasan. Else, admit that you’re living in a cave under a rock. And you’re not a youngster at all. 

The rest of the story

Okay! Okay! For those who haven’t really watched Ratsasan, Bellamkonda Sreenivas’s Arun gets a job as a police officer, his father’s job with the help of his relative who is also a police officer. Like all the youngsters who are rating to prove but are constrained by the limitations of the job, Bellamkonda Arun also gets frustrated. To help his cause, a young girl is killed in the city. The police brush it off as an ordinary murder and investigate it just like that. Another murder and our hero Bellamkonda Arun smells it’s the work of a serial killer. What’s that research for, otherwise? Huh? 

But the police don’t allow him to take the reign. But when a third murder comes into the light, Bellamkonda Arun is allowed to take the matters into his hand. For form's sake at least. Using all his skills as a terrifically talented filmmaker, he gets a few vital clues. Around the same time, his niece gets kidnapped to his horror. How Bellamkonda Arun solves the mystery behind the killings and if he saves his niece form the rest of the story. And if Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas scores a hit or not could be known by this evening. 

The performances

Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas is terrific in the role of Arun. To say he became Arun may be an exaggeration but still, we can safely say that he played the role as well as Vishnu Vishal in Ratsasan. He has given his all and the efforts are evident on the screen. He shed his perceived stardom and came up with a lot of homework and proves his mettle as an actor at last. 

But where is Anupama Parameshwaran? Oh, fans! Coming to that. Anupama Parameshwaran played the role of the teacher of his niece. Anupama did get a meaty role despite it having limited screen time. She owned it and proves why she’s such a highly rated young actress. And her screen presence is anonymously good. 

Rajeev Kanakala plays a crucial role which is a cakewalk for him and he did well. He has a special scene reserved and he brought his experience to the fore. The young girl who played Bellamkonda Arun’s niece is good and Akashi Vishwanath shines in a decent role. Saravanan who played the Ratsasan and now Rakshasudu is mind-bogglingly great once again. Watch it out. 

The crew

The music of the film is A level. The background score by Ghibran is one for ages. It went hand in hand with the narration. The cinematography is first-rate. The angles and frames are similar to the original and it’s good. When the thing is not broken, why repair it? The production design and production values are nice. Of course, similar to the original. The editing is tack sharp. Some may complain about the lengthy runtime but remember it is necessary for the effect the climax is going to create. 


Bellamkonda Arun Sreenivas scores brownie points for his sincere efforts and the film turned out to be a better experience. By the way, the most important question arises now. Why should we watch Rakshasudu as we can enjoy Ratsasan with subs and audio in our streaming services? The answer: both Ratsasan and Rakshasudu are not just about the thrill of watching a serial killer thriller. 

The films are more about experiencing the emotions and thrills. It’d be better to watch it without any disturbances in a theatrical atmosphere. And it deserves that much respect. Ramesh Varma the director did a nice job of delivering an unadulterated film experience compared to the original. 

This writer concludes with a point. Of course, it’d have been better if the director/makers innovate and try to take the film to the next level like Sujoy Ghosh did with Badla (a remake of the similarly popular Spanish thriller The Invisible Guest where he went with gender reversal). But still, Rakshasudu is a must-watch film all the same as is.  


  • Terrific base story
  • Bellamkonda Arun Sreenivas
  • The villain
  • Ghibran's score


  • Most of the target audience have already watched Ratsasan

Pycker Rating: 3.5 out of 5

reviewed by: GitacharYa

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    superb suspense thriller
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Rakshasudu (2019) Live Updates & Public Talk

Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas has pinned all his hopes on Rakshasudu which is an official Telugu remake of the Tamil blockbuster psycho-killer film Ratsasan. As this is a proven subject and with the promos creating a bit of interest, Rakshasudu directed by Ramesh Varma gained a bit of buzz in the lead up to its release. Moreover, the lack of in-your-face promotions also helped the film a bit. The movie which opens today in the theatres started with a positive talk. Despite a few murmurs if the remake of such a too-popular-remake-not-needed type of film, the opening augurs well for the actor. 

The movie is said to be gripping. And as expected, Bellamkonda Sreenivas has given his all in the film as the lead actor. Anupama Parameshwaran is good too in her limited role. But it is Ghibran's score that is gaining an overwhelmingly positive response. It is said to be the lifeline for the film. The first half is engaging and the second half is thrilling. It is repeatedly said that for those who haven't watched the original, chances are high that this version will appeal more. 

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Rakshasudu (2019) Preview

What is Rakshasudu About?

Rakshasudu is the official Telugu remake of well-loved Tamil serial killer thriller Ratsasan. The Vishnu Vishal starrer directed by Ram Kumar was acclaimed for its tight construction of narration and some shocking thrills it offers all with the base of love at the heart. Now, despite not having a commercial success to his name, Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas who chose to act in this film is an apt choice for the lead role. 

A youngster who wanted to become a filmmaker, researches for the film he wants to make. About a serial killer. But as he couldn't find a financial backup for his project and his family needed him to earn, he gets into the police force with the help of his uncle. He, as usual, gets fed up with the traditional style of investigation and when he encounters a series of connectionless murders, he smells a serial killer on a spree. 

Using his research, he trails behind him. An intriguing setup. And an equally intriguing premise. For the first time in his career, Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas is playing his age. Properly. That of a youngster interested in filmmaking, the problems he faces in the process. Having to compromise for his family. A job which lands him in a case with a serial killer which is the subject of his film. Very identifiable. 

Rakshasudu Promises

An intriguing experience

One of the problems Rakshasudu faces is the original. The film was so successful and gained a cult blockbuster status and was one of the films Telugu youngsters craved to watch. Almost all of the target audience might have watched it when the film hit the streaming services. Then why should anyone watch this remake? The reason is: the film is not just about the thrills or the audience about the killer. It is more about experiencing the thrills. Of the unfolding of a mystery through the eyes of a young police officer who is just like any of us. 

Bellamkonda Sreenivas in a role suitable for him

After playing several mass roles which are... well unsuitable for a youngster, Bellamkonda Sreenivas has been trying to get a makeover for the last couple of films. But for various reasons, those films failed to make a mark. But this time, Rakshasudu is not just a proven subject, it offers him a role which suits his age and sensibilities of the current generation of the audience. And as said above, the film is more about experiencing the thrills which makes it worthy of multiple watchings. 

Ghibran and Anupama Parameshwaran

Anupama Parameshwaran is one of the most talented young actresses of the generation. She gets an important role in the film which was played by Amala Paul in the original. The role has a plot turning moments and Anupama is sure to steal the moments. Ghibran who composed the highly acclaimed score for the original is on board for Rakshasudu too and he is expected to do an encore. Saravanan who played an almighty villain in the original reprises his act here again. 

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