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Raju Gadu Review

U/A Comedy, Romance 2 hrs 10 mins Jun 1, 2018





Raju Gadu Review & Rating


Rajugadu is Bale Bale Mahanubhavudu

Raj Tarun is the sort of the hero the audience always expect full scale entertainment. Most of his films are based on fun treatment supported strongly by his energetic acting. He is one of the few youngsters to deliver consistent hits. Unfortunately, his previous entry failed to light the cash registers up. Now, he returned to his strong suit of full length entertainer with Rajugadu. Let's see if he scored one more hit with Rajugadu review.

The story of Rajugadu reolvves around the eponymous character played by Raj Tarun. He is a kleptomanic who couldn't help but compulsively steal. He falls in love with Tanvi played by Amyra Dastur as usual as the story cannot progress if the hero doesn't fall in love with the heroine. Okay! Leaving aside that, we have to know that Tanvi hates thieves. 

Nw the story progresses in such a way that the heroine reciprocates the hero's love. Only hurdle is the hero has to stay with heroine's grandfather played effectively by Nagineedu. He goes to her village with her family and how and in what way he impresses the grandfather who cuts the hands of thieves in the vilage form the rest of the story.

Raj tarun is wonderful in the role of a kleptomaniac. His comic timing and body language infused with apt heroism can only be matched by Rajendra Prasad, and fortunately, ajendra prasad played his father role. The scenes between then are alot of fun to watch. The verve that is on display when they appear onscreen is a treat to watch. 

Amyra Dastur overdid in the emotional scenes and underdid in the romantic scenes. She is just okay looks wise. Nagineedu and Rao Ramesh are terrific in their rolesRest of the cast like Subbaraju did well enough.

The story of the movie is a carbon copy of Maruthi's class comedy movies. The template is the same. How can it be different when he himself gave the story. So, no comments here.

Sanjana Reddy did well in handling comedy. In emotional scenes her work is hal baked. The terrorist angel and the time bomb episode are nods to the 1980s and completely unnecessary for the film. Screenplay followed Maruthi template and is good to great in parts. The second half goes awry with too many subplots. 

Music by Gopi Sunder is surprisingly mediocre in songs. Background score is just okay. Cinematography is great in capturing the village attmosphere and is colourful. Editing could have been better. Production values by AK Entertainments are first rate as usual.

Overall, If you can go with low expectations and can adjust with few good comedy episodes, Rajugadu is a film for you to kill some time this weekend. The movie is good overall for its comedy and entertainment value. On the flipside, it shuld have been handled to realise the complete potential of the story. 

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  • David Raj

    1 Jun 18 @ 11:35 PM


Raju Gadu Live Updates & Public Talk

Rajugadu starring Raj Tarun is a full on comedu romantic entertainer in the lines of Bale Bale Magdivoy and Mahanubhavudu. The movie is the directorial debut of Sanjana Reddy. This is the second consecutive movie that Raj Tarun acted in a female director's movie.

The movie is surrounded by lot of buzz since its announcement. Amyra Dastur is Rajugadu heroine while Rajendra Prasad, Rao Ramesh, and Nagineedu played prominent supporting roles. The talk for the movie is generally good for the comedy and entertainment value. 

By the time matinee shows completed, it seems Rajugadu has disappointed the audience a bit. The concept of the movie gets good marks whereas the narration is deemed dull. Rajendra Prasad and Prudhvi acting isgetting positive response. The audience found Raj Tarun's character underwhelming. 

Stay tuned for more public talk and live analysis.

Raju Gadu Preview

What is Rajugadu about?

Raj Tarun movies are known for their fun value. Entertainment is the USP of his films. He delivered hits in a consistent manner like no other young hero these days. His last film Rangularatnam failed to impress the audience. Now, he is coming up with comedy romantic entertainer Rajugadu in the direction of Sanjana Reddy. Bollywood starlet Amyra Dastur paired up with him. 

What to expect from Rajugadu?

Raj Taun's combo with Rajendra Prasad

Both R's made themselves name with comedy. When Two heroes like Raj Tarun and Rajendra Prasad join hands together for a fun romantic entertainer, sparks of comedy fly on the screen. Their previous combination Andhagadu is an example of the way it entertains the audience. Rajugadu witness the pair to team up for the second time.

The director revealed that they both played the roles of father and son. The scenes between them are hilarious as well as form the backbone of the story. 

Interesting story of a kleptomaniac

The story of Rajugadu provided by director Maruthi Dasari. Maruthi previously delivered two big hits in the form of Bale Bale Magadivoy and Mahanubhavudu. The common point in both these movies is a medical disorder for the heroes. Both the movies entertained the audience like nothing before. 

In Rajugadu, the story of the movie revolves around a youngster played by Raj Tarun who suffers from kleptomania. That means he steals compulsively. All the scenes involving this, and the troubles the hero or his friends/family face are dealt with in a comic way. Rajugadu is a minimum guarantee entertainer. 

Production values and director's promise

Rajugadu is produced by Anil Sunkara on A. K. Entertainments banner. This is Raj Tarun's fifth movie with this banner. Talking at the pre-release event, Raj Tarun said that he felt like he was with family while making the movie. The banner is known for interesting and fun filled stories and theme based films. 

Adding to all this, the new director Sanjana Reddy previously worked with Ram Gopal Varma. She knows the nuances of filmmaking very well. Also, it guarantees that movie will be technically sound. As the director promises, Rajugadu is a human story filled with comedy, emotions, and romance. All in all, Rajugadu appears to be a paisa vasool comedy entertainer to enjoy this week. 

Watch this space for Rajugadu review, rating, and analysis, be right back!