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U/A Action, Drama 2 hrs 47 mins Jun 7, 2018





Kaala Review & Rating


The Past

Rajini means darkness, of course, night. Rajnikanth means the king of the night, simply put, The Moon. Despite gazillions of stars gracing the sky, it is the moon who shines bright, or rather appear bright to us all. That Rajnikanth is the biggest name in South Indian Cinema is an understatement. His fan following is unprecedented. Just like the Moon, he is loved by everyone. Stardom unlimited. 

Everyone was surprised when a young director like Pa. Ranjith was given a chance to direct Rajni. He was a youngster. His directorial experience is minimal. His films are populated by commonest of common men. Stories are simple but concept oriented. No heroism. Characters walk on the ground. But Rajnikanth walks on water just like we can see our palms. 

The result was Kabali. Everyone was surprised by the trailer. It has verve missing in the previous couple of Rajni movies. Rajni was shown at his stylish best. A gangster epic was in brewing. The title Kabali was so popular in all areas that it was kept the same in all languages instead of going for local variations of the name. Kabali da became the catchphrase of the decade. 

The Present

But the movie disappointed big time. The only best thing about Kabali was the trailer. Rajnikanth was given one of his best hero introduction scenes. All the positives ended there. The movie was such a huge flop that there was no buzz around Kaala, the follow up to Rajni-Ranjith combination. It was even said that the movie got no buyers in other regions. 

A Story as Old as the Land

Yet, it's second time charm for the director-star combination. What made Rajnikanth give Pa. Ranjith a second chance even after the result of Kabali. That same thing worked well for Kaala aka Karikaalan. The name of the Chola King known for his bravery and wisdom. Kaala is literally the king of Dharavi area, the second biggest slum of Asia and the third largest in the world. 

As usual for slums, the people are oppressed, and when the eye of a minister names Harinath Desai fall on the huge land he decided to develop the slum Dharavi into Digital Dharavi. How generous the man is! Enter Kaala. He knows the ulterior motives of Harinath Desai. He knows that was brewing under the development plan. 

Does any politician who has an eye on a large chunk of a land stop at anything? But what are heroes for? Kaala fights Hari. The one headed Ravan fights Hari. Everyone from both parties involves in the fight. Kaala's love of life, Zareena, comes under big test. His personal life, wife and sons and their beloveds, is at stake. All this leads to the grand finale. Do we need to explain what happens after that? 

But how is the most awaited movie in recent times? Does Pa. Ranjith corrected the mistakes he had done with Kabali? Does Rajnikanth's charm work for one more time and pull the movie to success? We can get to know all this with Kaala review. 

Not Out Of His Comfort Zone

Pa. Ranjith didn't come out of his comfort zone. He came up with a story as old as the land itself. He always champions the underdog and the oppressed. But what worked this time is, he delivered what he promised. The screenplay ticks all the right marks. Fans get what they want from a Rajnikanth movie, and Ranjith delivers what he wanted to without leaving aside the heroism. The direction is good, and the narration is intense without letting the graph go down. 

Rajni Delivers

Rajnikanth is the superstar he always is. His screen presence is well.... we need not say anything. Twitter made an emoji with his appearance in Kaala is enough proof of his style. He is ultra stylish in looks, and earthy in appearance. Performance is great as usual. 

Special mention should be given to Nana Patekar. He excelled as the pure black antagonist. He is powerful and matched Rajni toe to toe in screen presence. He is a top class actor. And did what is expected of his standards. Huma Qureshi got a meaty role. She delivered the performance of her life. Her scenes with Rajnikanth went overboard sometimes, but her acting never does in the movie. 

Eswari Rao is selected to play Kaala's wife for a reason. She is earthy and did well. Her chemistry with Rajni forms the backbone of the family element of the film. Samuthirakani, Aruldoss, Anjali Patil, Sampath Raj, Sayaji Shinde, and the rest did well enough. 

The Crew

The cinematography by Murali is atmospheric. With black hues dominating the frames, his work standout complementing the director's vision. Music by Santosh Narayan is top class. Every sound beat he scored elevates even the simplest of the scenes. The music bit when Rajnikanth's Kaala introduced is enough to say he did a commendable job.

Artwork by Ramalingam should be praised for recreating Dharavi in Chennai. The work is as great as Lalgudi Ilayaraaja's in Viswaroobam. Editing by Sreekar Prasad shows why such an experienced hand can add value to a superstar's movie. Production values by Wunderbar Films are first-rate. 


The makers of Kaala tried to keep a low profile for the movie. That worked well for the movie. After the huge disappointment of Kabali, Kaala delivers enough of punches to satisfy the fans of Rajnikanth. But how the other sections of audience (are there really other sections of audience when it comes to Rajni?) embrace the age-old story delivered in a slick package. You can watch Kaala one time easily. If the story clicks with you, who can tell the range of the movie?

Kaala Critic Reviews

Kaala User Reviews

  • Danny

    7 Jun 18 @ 12:14 AM

    A strong story line with no over the top scenes. Aligned to a real life situation in India. Good pace in direction 

  • Akash

    22 Jan 19 @ 6:13 AM

  • Parthasarathy

    10 Jun 18 @ 11:08 AM

    Rajini fully transformed from star to super actor.

Kaala Live Updates & Public Talk

Superstar Rajinikanth has teamed up with Pa Ranjith for the first time for Kabali and it shattered many box office records with a mixed talk. But the way Pa Ranjith handled the stardom and acting prowess of Super Star has earned him one more opportunity. And the result is Kaala which got better than Kabali on the technical front as Dhanush has joined the team as the producer. The film has hit the screens today and her take a look at the Live updates of Kaala.

Kaala has received mostly positive opinions from the premiere and benefit shows. The combination of Pa Ranjith and Rajinikanth seems to have worked wonders for the second time. However, the second is said to be a little low on entertainment and high on intensity. Overall, Kaala is being said as a perfect treat for all the Thalaivar fans out there and a decent watch for the regular audience and movie lovers.

As the early morning shows in India come to an end, the movie is receiving a decent response from the audience. Though comparisons with Kabali are inevitable, many feel that Kaala is a better film that Kabali in many departments, especially performances. Rajinikanth seems to have proved his acting prowess once again and Ranjith is being praised for concentrating more on the actor Rajinikanth than the star. Check out the latest audience reaction of Kaala below.

According to the audience response for Kaala so far, it is all set to become one of the biggest hit in Rajinikanth's career. Though the pre-release buzz was very low compared to previous Rajinikanth movies, the positive word of mouth and reviews should definitely help the film to score big. Coming to the performances, Huma Qureshi is said to have done a fantastic job in an author-backed role in her debut Tamil movie. Check out the latest Tweets to know more.

Stay tuned for more Public Talk and Live Updates of Kaala.

Kaala Preview

What is Kaala about?

Distributed by Lyca Productions, Kaala is directed by Pa Ranjith. This Pa Ranjith-Superstar Rajinikanth combination is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Produced by Dhanush under the banner Wunderbar Films, Kaala has Easwari Rao and Huma Qureshi as the lead heroines. Nana Patekar plays the antagonist in Kaala which is tipped to be a complete mass entertainer. Samuthirakani, Anjali Patil, Sakshi Agarwal, Sukanya, Aravind Akash, Sayaji Shinde, Pankaj Tiwari are essaying important characters in Superstar Rajinikanth's Kaala. Kaala will simultaneously have its release in Telugu and Hindi on June 7.

What to expect from Kaala?

The King is back

The King of Boxoffice, Superstar Rajinikanth and his association with the young director Pa Ranjith for the second time is the biggest feature of this commercial entertainer Kaala. Superstar Rajinikanth marks his 161st film with Kaala by essaying the don named Kaala Karikaalan. The King looks stunning in the photos and the videos shared by the team. After that stylish and classy look in Kabali, Rajinikanth has taken a new avatar in Kaala. He will be sporting his signature black kurta and Dhothi with a salt 'n' Pepper beard. Rajinikanth will also be donning the tutor role Kaala Karikalan in Tirunelveli slang.

Pa Ranjith

It was Aishwarya Rajinikanth who paved way for the director Pa Ranjith to meet the superstar for a project and it came into reality with Kabali which depicted the life of a Gangster who sets out the journey to find the people behind the loss of his family. The movie really featured many emotional scenes that were perfectly rendered by the actor in Superstar Rajinikanth. Ranjith really brought back the vintage Rajinikanth in Kabali. The director Pa Ranjith who stepped into the industry with a rom-com titled Attakathi had the fortune to direct the superstar very early in his career and he succeeded in bringing the actor's class and mass and is from the teaser and trailer of Kaala it is evident that he is ought to give double the movie buffs' expectation. Kaala would unquestionably be the director Pa Ranjith's craft with Superstar Rajinikanth's mass. 

Wunderbar Films

Established by the multifaceted Dhanush and his wife Aishwarya, the production banner Wunderbar Films has bankrolled over 15 movies. The production house in very less time has become the most popular and prestigious Production banner of the Tamil Film Industry. Kaala marks its first collaboration with Superstar Rajinikanth and director Pa Rajinikanth. From the launch of Kaala, Wunderbar Films has been in the frames with unique and massive promotional strategies. The banner has provided the best resources and completed the movie with very less time. The banner is now all set to take the movie to theatres even in the wake of confronting few delays in the shooting, controversies, release postpones, and the recent ban by Karnataka Film Chamber. The successful banner is prepared to break the Box office collections from June 7.

The lead heroine 

Easwari Rao who made her Kollywood debut in the year 1990 started to gain attention in the late 90's as a lead heroine and character artist. She has acted with Thalapathy Vijay, Dhanush, before she took a break from acting and now Easwari Rao, makes her comeback in Kollywood as the heroine in Kaala. She plays the character Selvi, Rajinikanth's onscreen wife in Kaala.

The Bollywood connections in Kaala

Bollywood beauty Queens Aishwarya Rai, Sonakshi Sinha, Deepika Padukone, Radhika Apte made their strong presence in Kollywood by sharing screen space with Superstar Rajinikanth and this time, Huma Qureshi, who is known for her performances essaying bold characters makes her entry into Kollywood with Pa Ranjith's Kaala. Huma Qureshi in Kaala plays an intense character named Zareena. The Bollywood connection in Kaala doesn't end with just the heroine, coz the legendary actor Nana Patekar marks his strong presence in Kaala playing the antagonist. Nana Patekar's Villain character, Harinath Desai is expected to be one of the best negative characters in Tamil Cinema. The National Award winning actor Pankaj Tripathy makes a big appearance in Kollywood with Superstar's Kaala and he plays a Police officer in the movie. 

The storyline of Kaala

Kaala written by Pa Ranjith is an action drama which will depict the clash between the people living in Dharavi and a corrupted Politician and the system. A fascinating element of the story behind Kaala is that the director alongside his associates remained in the Dharavi for about three months to research and gather information for Kaala's screenplay. Kaala is about Karikaalan, a man who fled from Tirunelveli and went on to became a don in Dharavi and his attempts to fight the wrongdoings of the system that prevent the people of Dharavi to have a standard living condition.

Technical Front of Kaala

Right from the beginning of his career, director Pa Ranjith has been working with the same team. The rapport is evident from all the movies they've worked together and Kaala will also feature the same fire. 

  • Santhosh Narayanan, the astounding music director who has given magnificent background scores and melodies, this time is up with a blend of hip-hop, rap and melody for Kaala. All the songs released are trending among the hit charts. 
  • T Ramalingam, the art director takes Kaala to another level with the tremendous artworks. Ramalingam recreated the whole Dharavi slum, streets, schools and roads in Chennai with picture perfect detailing. 

Cinematographer G Murali has cranked the stylish frames of Kaala and the National Award-winning editor Sreekar Prasad heads the editing department. Dhilip Subbarayan heads the stunt choreography for Kaala.

 A huge line of star-cast

Kaala is filled with a huge line of actors portraying important character roles. The amazing line-up of actors includes Samuthirakani, Anjali Patil, Sakshi Agarwal, Sukanya, Aravind Akash, Sayaji Shinde, Pankaj Tiwari, Sampath etc.