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RajaRatham Review

U Comedy, Drama 2 hrs 23 mins Mar 23, 2018





RajaRatham Review & Rating

Rangitaranga in Kannada was a huge hit and established the Bhandari Brothers in Kannada Film Industry. After making a serious mystery thriller film, Anup Bhandari came up with a romantic comedy with a lot of weird characters. The movie, Rajaratham,  also stars actors from his previous movie, Nirup Bhandari and Avantika Shetty in the lead roles. This Telugu - Kannada bilingual has star heroes from both languages to give voiceover narration. Puneet Rajkumar in Kannada and Rana Daggubati lent their voices to an inanimate object. 

The story of Rajaratham involves Abhi and Megha. They are also collegemates. Abhi loves Megha and after the opening of the movie is dedicated to introducing the characters, they lead pair boards a bus named Rajaratham. The bus is populated with different characters. Every character has its own story. P. Ravi Shankar character appears towards the midpoint of the story.  

Rating 2.5 from  chitramala

Undoubtedly, Rajaratham is one of the best films released so far. Even though the film don’...

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As the journey continues, we come across few more characters. Abhi and Megha are traveling to Chennai on that bus. In another place, Arya plays the role of a young rebellious leader Viswa. Viswa is given an important job by the ruling party. Whether Viswa fulfills the job given by his party, and what is his link to the lead pair traveling on the bus, and what is the story of Rajaratham forms the rest of the plot. 

Special mention should be given to Rana Daggubati. His voice for the eponymous bus adds substance to the movie. His diction and narrating style make the audience want more. Nirup Bhandari and Avantika essayed the lead roles with verve. Ravi Shankar and Vinaya Prasad sparkle in supporting roles. Arya is very stylish, and his body language is apt for the character. His character along with Rana's narration is the biggest highlight of the movie. Rest of the cast did their jobs. 

Rating - from  thehindu

Rajaratham is a simple, well-intended film with its heart in the right place.

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The direction of the movie lacked the punch of his previous film. Anup Bhandari nevertheless did a fine job. The story of the movie has a lot to offer and the screenplay is decent. The director comes up with a different style of narration. Parallel storylines that converge at the climax is handled very well. But the screenplay should have avoided few boring scenes. 

The director, Anup Bhandari, himself scored the music. Music and especially the background score is definitely a big plus point. The cinematography by William David is excellent. Different locations and separate storylines make it tough, but he did a fine job. Editing is first-rate. Production values are good.

Rating 1.25 from  andhraheadlines

When the climax comes, despite the intensity, viewers heave a sigh of relief that the film finall...

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Overall, Rajaratham is not a movie for everyone. It has a different sort of narration, the lead characters did well and all the technical departments put in hard work. keep you interested in the proceedings. Few drags, and shifting between storylines make it difficult to follow for some. If you don't have too many expectations, you will enjoy the movie. 

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RajaRatham Preview

What is Rajaratham about?

Rajaratham is a Kannada-Telugu bilingual romantic comedy directed by Anup Bhandari of Rangitaranga fame. Nirup Bhandari and Avantika Shetty are playing the lead roles in this movie. The movie has an odd flavour and an unusual hero. Rajaratham is produced by Ajay Reddy, Vishu Dakappagari, Anju Vallabh, Sathish Sastry on Jolly Hits banner. Rana Daggubati is playing the eponymous Rajaratham in a surprise role.

Rajaratham is an insanely funny story about an oddball youngster Abhi played by Nirup Bhandari. He is treated as a git by others. He falls in love with a beautiful girl played by Avantika Shetty head over heels. Arya plays the role of a charismatic village don where this story happens. P. Ravi Shankar plays the role of Uncle. He is a nut case. And then there is the Rajaratham.

What to expect from Rajaratham?

Weird comedy

Rajaratham is a romantic comedy, but with a difference. All the characters as weird as they get. The movie is set in a village with different landscapes, and a college in it. Abhi and his lady love encounter a couple of interesting characters played by Ravi Shankar and Arya. All the encounters between these characters promise to give us a laugh a minute rise.

Rana as Rajaratham

Tollywood star hero Rana Daggubati is playing a special character in Rajaratham. Rajaratham is a bus with a twisty backstory. Rajaratham is a royal chariot. Rana is playing the role of unseen narrator in this movie. Rajaratham describes himself in a different way: that he will come as the air. That he will shine like a lightning. That he is as fast as we know and those who come in his way can be destroyed. And his way is Rajaratham, the way of a royal (a royal highway). His narration elevates the movie to a different plane, and the biggest highlight of this movie. 

Director track record and the cast

Nirup Bhandari and Avantika Shetty team up with the director Anup Bhandari after their previous film Rangitaranga. That movie was a mystery thriller and became one of the big hits in Kannada. And now the director chose an absurd romantic comedy populated with oddball characters. Adding to all this, Anup Bhandari composed the songs for this movie. This award winning director is known for his screenplay talents. All in all, Rajaratham promises to be an insanely funny film experience. Ravi Shankar is one of the actors in form in Kannada Cinema. He previously played serious roles. Here for a change, he took up a lighter role. Tamil star actor Arya is a value addition alongside Rana Daggubati.

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