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Raja The Great Review

U/A Comedy, Drama 2 hrs 29 mins Oct 18, 2017





Raja The Great Review & Rating


After a brief gap of 2 years, Ravi Teja came back with 'Raja The Great' which is directed by Anil Ravipudi. Ravi Teja playing a blind man in the film created huge curiosity among his fans and audience as it is for the first time in his career he will be playing a blind man. After a long wait, the movie has finally hit the screens today with a huge release and let's see how the movie turned out to be. The story is about Raja (played by Ravi Teja) who wants to join the police force and his attempts to do so. On the other hand, Lucky (played by Mehreen) is followed by goons who try to kill her as her father (played by Prakash Raj) who is a sincere cop had a rivalry with them. The movie is all about how Raja saves Lucky from them.

Rating 3.25 from  123telugu

Raja The Great is a typical mass masala entertainer which you expect from Ravi Teja. His brillian...

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Coming to performances, it is Ravi Teja's one-man show. He comes up with a challenging role, still carries it effortlessly and in an entertaining manner which speaks volumes about his talent. He did a fantastic job in sentiment scenes and was at his best in action and comedy scenes. Radhika did a great job as Ravi Teja's mother and it is a treat to watch her onscreen. Her scenes with Ravi Teja are good as both of them performed very well. Mehreen is usual and she did well within her limits. Among others, Srinivas Reddy makes an impact with his comedy timing.

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Raja the Great is a simple story of a hero saving a girl and winning her Love, but with the inter...

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Technically 'Raja The Great' is on par with any other 'Dil' Raju film and it has young and energetic team who did a fantastic job. Sai Kartheek gave apt and peppy music which is required for a commercial movie and he did a great job with the background score as well. His background score in action scenes is top notch and elevated the heroism to next level. Mohana Krishna's cinematography is good and he captured beautiful hill stations very well. Tammiraju's editing is adequate, so is the art direction of A.S. Prakash. Production values of 'Sri Venkateswara Creations' are top notch and the film looks quite rich and lavish. Anil Ravipudi did a fantastic job once again as he uses the mass image of Ravi Teja perfectly in action scenes and perfectly blends emotional scenes to make it appealing for family audience as well. With this film, Anil Ravipudi made it clear that he is one of the best young commercial directors of Telugu cinema

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Raja The Great is a film that blends the entertaining styles of these two people. Plus points of ...

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Verdict: Overall, 'Raja The Great' is a well made commercial entertainer and makes a decent watch this festival weekend.

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Raja The Great User Reviews

  • Vamsi Krishna

    21 Oct 17 @ 1:56 PM

  • Omkar

    20 Oct 17 @ 7:30 PM

    Super Duper Hit, Blockbuster 

  • Vijay Vijju

    28 Nov 17 @ 10:18 AM

    Rajadhi great movie is wonderful. Tollywood biggest blockbuster hit in. 2017

Raja The Great Live Updates & Public Talk

Ravi Teja's comeback film 'Raja The Great' has finally hit the screens today amidst huge buzz. Many people are eagerly waiting for this movie as Ravi Teja is making his comeback after a gap of around two years. As the premieres in overseas come to an end, NRI audience are posting their opinions through social media. Let's take a look at the Public Talk, Live Updates and Tweet Reviews of Raja The Great.

As the early morning shows come to an end, the audience are posting their opinions on social media. As of now, the movie received a mixed response from the audience but Ravi Teja's performance is being lauded by everyone.

'Raja The Great' slowly picked from the morning shows and now the talk of the film is quite positive and looks like the audience are loving the film. Here are some Tweets from the audience.

That's it for the Public Talk of 'Raja The Great'. Stay tuned to Pycker for Public Talk and Live Updates of all the movies.

Raja The Great Preview

What is it about?

After a hiatus of over an year, Ravi Teja is striking back on the silver screens with 'Raja The Great' and the atmosphere looks pretty favourable to him with good response to the teasers and trailers. Being produced under the banner, Sri Venkateswara Creations by Dil Raju and Shirish, the movie has generated quite a decent buzz right from the time it was mentioned that the protagonist will be visually challenged. Something for the first time Ravi Teja is trying out in a commercially entertaining format. The team also looks pretty confident for the fact that the movie has been helmed by the already proven director, Anil Ravipudi.

What to expect?

  • Anil Ravipudi Mark Entertainment

Young director, Anil Ravipudi is slowly making his mark as a reliable commercial director. After the high energy entertainers like 'Pataas' and 'Supreme', picking an interest protagonist, Anil can be reliable on delivering the needed entertainment one expects from a movie over a weekend.

  • Ravi Teja Revived

Looks like Ravi Teja has taken a break that was not much noticed. And amidst the fan fair that goes on every weekend at the BO, its time for Mass Maharaja's fans to make some noise. As a visually challenged Raja, Ravi Teja looks commercially good. 

  • Great Production Values

Sri Venkateswara Creations have always made quality cinema with great production values. And looks like the same applies with 'Raja The Great' as well. With art by AS Prakash, cinematography by Mohan Krishna and Sai Kartheek's music adding the needed flavour to it, the team looks pretty confident with their product.