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Raja Rani Raji Full Movie

U Romance Mar 23, 2018
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Raja Rani Raji Story

Director: Rajib Kumar Biswas

Cast: Bonny Sengupta as Raja, Rittika Sen as Isha, Yash Dasgupta as Aditya, and Parthasarathi Chakrabarty as Gobinda 

Raja played by Bonny Sengupta is a carefree young man, who has no interest in studies and job. An irresponsible chap as he is, he would fail in the tests every time and he is least bothered about it. His brother got married to the woman he loves and Raja fell for his sister-in-law's sister Isha (Rittika Sen), who is a studious and down-to-earth girl. Raja proposes to her but she would only accept his proposal if only her elder sister gives her the permission.

However, when his sister-in-law comes to know about it, she simply refused Raja's proposal for Isha telling she won't get her sister married to a person, who has no honest source of earning. Raja is now determined to start a business and earn money so that he can prove himself as an eligible man for his lady love.

He left his home to fulfill his promise and win the heart of his lady love. But, with no degrees and educational background, will he be able to start a business and earn money honestly?

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