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Kelor Kirti Full Movie

U Comedy Jul 6, 2016
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Kelor Kirti Story

Director: Raja Chanda

Cast: Dev as Guru, Jisshu Sengupta as Joy, Ankush Hazra as Apurba, Mimi Chakraborty as Rima (Joy's wife), Nusrat Jahan as Urvashi, Sayantika Banerjee as Priya (Guru's wife), Koushani Mukherjee as Anushka (Apurba's girlfriend)

Joy (Jisshu) is a newspaper editor who is afraid of his wife Rima (Mimi), a suspicious-minded woman. Rima keeps herself busy in religious ceremonies. She always keeps an eye on her husband as she doesn't trust anyone though Joy has always been loyal to her. On the other hand, Joy's friend Guru has multiple affairs with various women. However, his wife Priya (Sayantika) trusts her husband blindly. There is another guy in the story - Apurba (Ankush). He is an ace photographer working under Joy. Joy has a girlfriend Anushka (Koushani), who hates lies and betrayals. 

The story takes a turn when a callgirl named Urvashi entered their lives. Joy takes picture of Guru with his girlfriend and threatens to send them to his wife Priya. Guru brings Urvashi in Joy's life to lure him into an affair as a revenge for his blackmail. Rima discovers Joy with Urvashi at their outhouse where Apurba is staying and to save himself, Joy lies to her. He introduced Urvashi as Apurba's wife while Anushka believes Urvashi is Joy's wife. A comedy of error story unfolds as several comic encounters do follow the lies and misunderstandings.

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