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U Fantasy 2 hrs 1 mins May 25, 2018
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Rainbow Jelly Story

Director: Soukarya Ghoshal

Cast: Mahabrata Basu as Ghoton, Kaushik Sen as Ghoton's uncle, Sreelekha Mitra as Pari Pishi, Shantilal Mukherjee as kind chaiwala

Directed by Soukarya Ghoshal Rainbow Jelly is a food fantasy film revolving around Ghoton, an autistic child living a miserable life with his uncle. Ghoton had to discontinue his study at school after his parent's death. Now, he lives with his unkind uncle who makes Ghoton do all sort of the household job including cooking. His only friend is his neighborhood girl Poppins, who is his Ghoton's only friend.  

To escape the harsh reality, the young boy creates a fantasy world around him. He starts believing that a treasure is hidden in his house. His uncle, whom he calls Gondariya promises he will give him the treasure once he is adult. Things take a sudden change when a strange woman appears in his life. She introduces herself his Poripishi. She tells him that she will make him foods of different tastes and colors. If he can feed his uncle these seven dishes, he will be a changed person. Will Gondaria change or Ghoton's plan will be destroyed? 

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