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Raatchasi Review & Rating


Raatchasi Review: This Jyothika Star Vehicle Is Slightly Off The Mark

The premise

Debutant director Gowthamraj has come up with a topical film which covers a point which can be experienced by anyone and everyone at one point of their life. And when it comes to reforms in the education system, it is a must discussed topic as basic education is as much important for the progress of a country as the fundamental needs for the individuals. Joining forces with him is Jyothika who is in good form with successful films. 

The story

Geetha Rani is a tough as nails teacher who is appointed to deal with a corrupted school where students don't concentrate on education and teachers have their own businesses to mind. She immediately understands the situation and jumps into action. But like Newton's laws imply the concept of inertia, sudden changes face resistance. The teachers fight her, the students, being students, resist her strict methods. They have all got used to lethargic ways. 

On the other side is Rama Lingam. He runs a private school in the vicinity and runs into a problem with Geetha Rani. He creates issues for her. Now, Geetha Rani is mired in troubles on many fronts. But there is a mysterious aura surrounding her. What is the reason behind Geetha Rani coming to the school? To be honest, how can such a young woman become the headmistress of a government school! Yes. There is a reason behind this. And there is a personal loss. How she copes with all external and internal trouble and reform the school form the rest of the story. 

Characterization and performances

Expectedly most of the film revolves around Jyothika and she did justice to the role within her limitations. She has a few mass moments where she has a surprise introduction scene. She goes to the school she is appointed as the headmistress in the guise of a mother who wants to join her child in the school. She patiently bears with all the shit thrown at her by the staff before revealing herself as the new headmistress. Old technique but well executed. 

There is a scene where Jyothika kicks the ass of baddies. And it's done well too. But there's a problem. Jyothika doesn't have the same presence as Nayanthara and all these sheroism scenes don't gell with the actual flow of the film however good Jyothika's efforts are. In the other scenes, where she needs to bring out the actress in herself to the fore, she has given a terrific performance. 

Hareesh Peradi's Rama Lingam (see, the writers couldn't even come up with a non-stereotypical name for the villain) is a caricature than a man in flesh and blood. Lack of proper antagonists also marred the dramatic tension in the film. It goes like one-way traffic. Though many of the current day issues are discussed in the film, none seem to make an impact and even the few scenes that worked are masked by unnecessary heroic moments. A grounded narration could work wonders for films like this. Like Aramm. 

Writing and direction

The narration of the film is uneven. The screenplay lacks creativity and used the same old Baasha template. Though the runtime is just a few minutes north of 2 hours, it feels like we are watching a three-hour-long film. The direction of the movie is adequate. Gowthamraj should be commended for coming up with a relevant subject for his directorial debut but he should have done proper homework with the script. 

The crew

The musical score by Sean Roldan is good. The background score elevates the narration. The cinematography has a gritty feel and it worked out well. The editing could have been better with at least 10 minutes could have been trimmed. The production design is okayish and the production values are decent. 


All in all, Raatchasi is an opportunity lost. With a strong script and better characterization sans visible heroic elevations which are not necessary could have made Raatchasi Jyothika's own Aramm. In this current form, it is an okayish one time watch if you have nothing to do. Else, you can wait till like.... 40 days? Before Amazon or some other streaming service will air it. 


  • Jyothika
  • Basic concept


  • Uneven narration
  • Homework should have been done on the script

Pycker rating: 2.5 out of 5

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  • Sunil

    1 Apr 20 @ 1:27 AM

Raatchasi Live Updates & Public Talk

Ever since Jyothika started her second innings as a lead actress, she has been more into purposeful films and shero roles. And those films worked well not just commercially (albeit not on a Nayanthara scale) but also received critical acclaim. Now, one more entry into the list is Raatchasi. After talking about how justice works in Naachiyaar and about the need for housewives to have their own identity in Kaatrin Mozhi, she's now coming up with a film on education system. Raatchasasi sees Jyothika in the role of a headmistress of a government school where she's out to change the system for better. 

The first half of the film is good and sets the tone for the film. Jyothika in the role of a tough academician is powerful. Her screen presence adds value to the role. The film has a strong message and entertains at the same time. Also, the dialogues are good and have mass moments for the lead actress. The direction and writing are said to be good. 

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Raatchasi Preview

What Is Raatchasi About?

In her second innings, Jyothika has been essaying some of her best roles and Raatchasi is going to be the same. The yesteryear star heroine who proved herself to be a versatile actress once again plays the role of a school teacher (after Khaaka Khaaka) but this time not as an ornament to the film but as the main lead. The film also revolves around a school. 

As the official plot of the film goes: Geetha Rani is newly appointed headmistress of a Government school. This story tells us how she reforms the school, students and teachers, also how she safeguards the school and the students from external issues. Directed by Sy. Gowthamraj, Raatchasi is an essential film at the right time as the debate on the education system is going on. 

Raatchasi Promises 

The story of a tough-talking but sincere school headmistress

Jyothika as said above plays the role of a school headmistress who is hell-bent on reforming the school and the pupils. By the time she starts at the school, chaos reigns across the classrooms at the government-run school as we expect and the teachers are both lethargic and ignorant. Jyothika's Geetha Rani takes it upon herself to bring a change to it. 

Of course, we have seen the subject several times but here the teacher is not an ordinary one. She is as tough as nails and in no time nicknamed Raatchasi. Geetha Rani has to fight not just the opposing forces of the teachers who are against the change and the politicians who don't cooperate. 


Jyothika wasn't just known for glamorous roles when she was at the height of her career as a lead actress. She played villainous roles and rebellious characters. Known for her knack of going into the skin of the roles she plays now after the break she had taken is even better in her performance. With a strong author-backed role like Geetha Tani, she will surely pull it off like a boss. 

Sy. Gowthamraj and his team

Director Sy. Gowthamraj, a debutant, has come up with an interesting and relevant subject. Raatchasi is produced by Dream Warrior Pictures. Sean Roldan's musical score appears to be an asset to the film. Gokul Benoy's cinematography created an authentic feel for the film. Raatchasi is surely a movie to watch out for this weekend. 

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