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Queen (Malayalam) Review

U/A Comedy 2 hrs 37 mins Jan 12, 2018





Queen (Malayalam) Review & Rating


Queen is a comedy-drama set against the backdrop of a college campus with a bunch of newbies. Directed by debutant Dijo Jose Antony and written by Sharis Mohammed and Jebin Joseph Antony, the film has music by Jakes Bejoy while DoP is handled by Suresh Gopi. The film is produced by Shibu K Moideen and Rinshad Vellodathil.

The story of Queen starts with the inauguration of the first-ever Mechanical batch in an engineering campus which consists of boys only. Later in the second year, a girl joins their batch who grabs all the attention as every boy tries to impress her. The girl eventually becomes the cynosure of all eyes and thus, becomes the QUEEN of the batch.

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Despite having debutants in front and behind the camera, Queen has some good performances by the lead cast including Manoj Guinness, Vinod Kedamangalam, Saniya Iyappan, Eldho, Dhruvan, Arun, Ashwin, Vishnu Kuvakkattil, M Karthikeyan, Bhavana and Moozi. The female lead, Saniya who plays the titular role impresses the audience with her charm. The senior actors including Salim Kumar, Vijayraghavan, Sreejith Ravi and Niyas Backer add sheen to the narration.

The film has been written well by Sharis Mohammed and Jebin Joseph Antony, who have taken into consideration all the minute nuances that happen in an Engineering college and campus. The characters are easily identifiable which audiences may relate to. The crafting of all the characters in the film has been done efficiently. Music of Jakes Bejoy gels well with the college backdrop and doesn’t look out of place. The film’s editing by Sagar Dass too needs a special mention as he manages to keep the narration gripping. Suresh Gopi’s cinematography maintains a fresh look throughout the film.

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Debutant Dijo Jose Antony doesn’t give you a feeling of being his first film but that of a seasoned director who knows his craft well giving us a clean and young film which is bound to impress the younger lot of audience. His expertise to showcase college life on screen is applaudable and the detailing of every character and shot calls for appreciation. Dijo could well end up going places in Mollywood.

Queen with many first-timers may be a refreshing change. With a youth-centric theme and good humour attached, the film may be a slow starter but with positive word of mouth, it is expected to pick-up. It may not boast of any big stars in it but the screenplay and direction are good enough reasons to get the cash registers ringing.

Verdict: Queen could easily become the first hit of Mollywood this year. Add some spice to your life by watching it to get back your good old college days.

Queen (Malayalam) Critic Reviews

Queen (Malayalam) User Reviews

  • La

    13 Jan 18 @ 2:42 PM

    Dijo Jose Antony's campus drama Queen is relatively a breath of fresh air for the Malayalam cinema audience who doesn't always get to watch quality movies of this genre. Unlike the two recent overrated big star movies of the same genre, Queen really does offer the viewers the nuance of campus life. The lead cast which mainly consists of fresh faces delivers a convincing performance while the supporting cast which includes actors like Salim Kumar and Sreejith Ravi among others keep one hooked to the movie. Jakes Bejoy has done a great job when it comes to the music while cinematographer Suresh Gopi succeeds to bring about beautiful frames and quite some charming visuals. Altogether, a light and interestingly beautiful watch that rekindles the one's campus memories.

  • Akshaya

    23 Jan 18 @ 6:16 PM

    It is a great movie.Thanks to all the crew members for such a wonderful movie with both fun n thoughts. Its not just a campus movie, but it exhibits values of frndship, respect towards all etc which u rarely see these days in malayalam movies !!! Hats off 

  • Ravi Krishna

    13 Jan 18 @ 3:17 PM

    Queen was a good start to the New Year, though I went with zero expectations but should say was pleasantly surprised. Enjoyed the anecdotes and campus scenes and reactions of the actors playing engineering students. Couldn’t believe all to be debutants. Though some scenes are a rip-off from other films but still doesn’t stop me from giving director Dijo browny points. The technicality of the film was also up to the mark. Dijo should be a director to watch out for. Saniya Iyappan is more than just a pretty face. A commendable watch for the long weekend.

Queen (Malayalam) Live Updates & Public Talk

Queen is a college-campus comedy-drama which introduces a bunch of newbies. Directed by debutant Dijo Jose Antony, the film has music by Jakes Bejoy while it is produced by Shibu K Moideen and Rinshad Vellodathil.

Releasing in the festive season of Pongal, Queen falls into that category of movies like last year’s Angamaly Diaries, which was handled by a first time director and introduced a whole lot of young debutant actors. As many expected the film is not a remake of Kangana Ranaut’s Bollywood hit Queen but has a totally different theme to it. The story is that of a Mechanical Engineering college which has an all-boys campus set up till a girl student joins the batch and grabs everybody’s attention.

Despite not having any big stars, Queen has got a decent opening alluring youngsters to give it a shot. Let’s find out how the film is faring in the theaters and how audiences are reacting to it.

By what we garner from the reactions of the film, Queen is a youthful flick with well etched out characters. The set up of the Engineering College is good and gives a real feel of all that goes on among engineering students. The whole new cast of the film is worth a mention as it also highlights friendship, goals, campus fights, hostel life, the dream of a girl, etc. The first half is spent in introducing the characters and makes it pretty relatable. Saniya Iyappan’s entry as the first girl student in the college is considered the twist in the tale as all hell breaks loose among the boys. The reaction followed by comical sequences of the boys after seeing Saniya is worth the money.

Let’s check out some more reactions coming in from the audiences of Queen. The second half of Queen holds good as the dialogue, cinematography, direction comes alive through the characters. Audiences expected it to have a theme like that of Chunkzz but Queen is different as the whole cast has performed very well including Manoj Guinness, Vinod Kedamangalam, Saniya Iyappan, Eldho, Dhruvan, Arun, Ashwin, Vishnu Kuvakkattil, M Karthikeyan, Bhavana and Moozi. Seasoned actors like Salim Kumar, Vijayraghavan, Sreejith Ravi and Niyas Backer too have given good performances.

Dijo’s direction of handling a young campus film is coming in for a lot of praises. The film’s characters are easily identifiable especially the culture and body-language that the director and writer try to bring on screen. The music is pleasing to the ears and the editing is top notch by Sagar Dass. Suresh Gopi’s cinematography enlightens each and every frame of the film.

Finally, Queen is made for all especially for the younger audiences with a social relevant message. Director Dijo has handled the film very well by giving it a youth-centric theme attached with good humour which is refreshing. Queen makes you revisit your college days and is a one time watch for sure.

Queen (Malayalam) Preview

What Is It About?

Queen is one of the much-awaited campus drama by the youngsters. Directed by debutant Dijo Jose Antony and scripted by Jebin Joseph Antony and Sharis Mohammed, the story revolves around the first-ever Mechanical batch of an engineering which has only boys. And quite to the surprise of everyone, a girl joins the class in the second year. How she manages to befriend the guys and becomes their queen form the crux of the movie. Starring debutants in the lead roles, the movie also features a few familiar faces like Vijayaraghavan and Manoj Guinness. Queen is produced under the banner of Arabian Dreams Entertainment.  

What To Expect?

  • A promising campus entertainer

The Malayali audience, especially the younger generation, are quite fond of campus movies and welcome even the other-language movies of this genre with great enthusiasm at the theatres. Queen, being a campus drama, which celebrates friendship, love, politics and a lot of other things wistful of campus life, looks promising. From the looks of the videos including songs and trailer, the movie is a vibrant and engaging one while it tries to keep it restrain itself from going overboard unlike few of the recent Malayalam campus dramas.

  • Freshness overloaded

The movie has a lot of fresh faces in the cast and crew. The lead characters played by Druvan, Niyas Bhaskar, and Saniya Iyappan looks basked in boundless energy. Some starry-eyed and lovable performances are something to look out for. The novelty in the theme and the making is another major highlight of Queen. Although the recently released Omar Lulu movie Chunkzz was of the same genre with a similar premise, the movie heavily slammed by critics and a section of the audience for the misogynistic dialogues and scenes. 

  • Tunes by Jakes Bejoy

Songs from the movie composed by Jakes Bejoy are already a hit among the audience. Jakes is known for his musical scores for the movie like Monsoon Mangoes and Kavi Udeshichathu. Queen is sure to have some fine tunes by the young talent which will give the audience engaging and entertaining movie watching experience. 

Watch out this space for more updates, critic reviews and top reviews and more on Queen movie.