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Pyaar Prema Kaadhal Full Movie

Romance Aug 10, 2018
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Pyaar Prema Kaadhal Story

Director: Elan

Cast: Harish Kalyan as Sree Kumar aka Sree, Rails Wilson as Sindhuja aka Sindhu, Anand Baby as Sindhu 's father, Rekha as Sree's mother, and Pandian as Sree's father. 

Sree Kumar aka Sree is your average youngster with a safe job and lives with his parents. He develops a crush on a neighborhood girl named Sindhuja. Sindhu is a free-spirited modern day girl and works in an office in a nearby location. Suddenly as his luck turns right, she joins his office. There he learns that she is a polar opposite to him and have a modern outlook on life. She drinks and parties to her heart's content. 

Slowly Sree falls in love with Sindhu as opposite poles attract. One day they have sex and when Sree asks Sindhu for marriage, she says they are just friends and the sex they just had is an indulgent act. Sree gets upset and leaves her. Sindhu tries to convince him and slowly he relents. They continue their friendship. Once in a party, Sindhu gets drunk and asks Sree for sex. But he insults her and tells everyone that they had sex and she has no morals. 

Sindhu who actually has fallen in love with Sree gets hurt. She breaks up with him calling him immature and goes away. How Sree and Sindhu gets United and how their marriage pans out and if or in anyway one of them changes form the rest of the story. 

Pyaar Prema Kaadhal received generally positive reviews from the critics for portraying the present day youth and their opinions. Harish Kalyan and Raiza  Wilson are praised for their electrifying performances. The critics said that the lead pair carried the film well with their natural performances. The movie was a box office success. 

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