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Drama, Realistic 1 hrs 49 mins Jul 27, 2018
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Pupa Story

Director: IndrasisIndrasis Acharya 

Cast: Rahul Banerjee as Subhra, Piali Munsi as Barsha, Kamaleswar Mukherjee as Rajat Chatterjee, Subhra's uncle, Sudipta Chatterjee as Mou, Pradip Mukhopadhyay as Sajal 

Shubhro is settled in The US where he works as a techie. He returns home in India when his mother passes away. But before he could cope with the situation, Shubhro learns that his father has had a stroke and he has now slipped into a comatose situation. As per the doctor's diagnosis, his father will live10-15 days at the most but months pass by, but Subhra's father stays alive without showing any sign of improvement or deterioration.

This gets Subhra and his family members trapped in an awkward situation, where they cannot move on in their lives for a person who has no sense, or hope of gaining the same back in the future. His sister would eventually stop caring for her father and for the sake of her husband and child. Shubhro’s uncle advises Shubhro to go back to states and move on. Shubhro plans to stay back with his father.


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