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Punyalan Private Limited Review

U Comedy, Drama 2 hrs 9 mins Nov 17, 2017





Punyalan Private Limited Review & Rating

Ranjith Sankar-Jayasurya duo's 'Punyalan Private Limited' which is a sequel to their 2013 movie 'Punyalan Agarbathis' brings back the struggling entrepreneur Joy Thakkolkaran along with his peers including Greenu Sharma, and Abhaykumar. This time Joy Thakolkaran has come up with the new venture of purified water in tetra-packets. And like always, his path is full of obstacles. How Joy Thakkolkaran overcomes the hurdles and deals with the issues forms the crux of the movie.

Rating 2.5 from  manoramaonline

Punyalan is a feel-good movie which will give you a ray of hope in politically troubled times.&nb...

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'Punyalan Private Limited' follows a similar storyline to its prequel. But what makes the movie stand out from its first part is the way it shows the light on some of the social issues relatable to everyone and at parts, shifts to the angle of a social satire. Even if the movie has some lengthy dialogues, it sounds credible and syncs well with the situation. Ranjith Sankar has done a good job in scripting the movie and the dialogues without squeezing in too much drama for the sake of it. 

Rating 4 from  newsfolo

All this might seem very self serious and tedious, but Sarkar balances all the social commentary ...

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Jayasurya has brilliantly reprised his role as Joy Thakkolkaran. The actor has effectively pulled of his lengthy dialogues and serious airs without going overboard with it.  Aju Varghese, Sunil Sugathada and Sreejith Ravi who reprised their respective roles from the prequel have also done their parts equally well. The rest of the cast including Dharmajan, Guiness Pakru and Vishnu Govindan has also delivered a commendable performance in the movie.

Rating - from  filmibeat

Punyalan Private Limited follows almost the same pattern of its prequel by focusing on the issues...

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While 'Punyalan Private Limited' does not jostle the viewer with too much nonsense, some of the proceedings in the movie are hard to believe. However, it wouldn't nudge one to hair-split too. Music director Anand Madhusoodhan, cinematographer Vishnu Narayan, and editor V Sajan have done a fine job true to the movie and its genre. 

Rating 3.5 from  indiatimes

At a time when freedom of expression, healthy criticism and artistic liberties are in danger, Joy...

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Final verdict: A simple entertainer, a decent sequel and a commedable attempt!

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  • S

    20 Nov 17 @ 2:48 PM

    'Punyalan Private Limited' - this one is a must watch movie for all the fans of Jayasurya. It is not preachy though it has a strong message, thanks to the comedy timing of Jayasurya and others. Though it doesn't reach the level of 'Punyalan Agarbathis', it is not boring as well, its hilarious for most of the time and all those who love light-hearted comedies with decent performances can watch it for sure. Performances and content wise it is surely one of the best from Jayasurya in recent times. Technicalities wise the film is good as well with the support of some good technicians. Go and watch it is all I can say.

  • Satya

    18 Nov 17 @ 1:18 PM

    Directed by Ranjith Sankar, Punyalan Private Limited is the sequel to the 2013 super hit movie Punyalan Agarbattis and stars Jayasurya, Aju Varghese, and Dharmajan. As expected, Punyalan Private Limited is full of comedy, drama and few hilarious moments. Though the storyline is simple and the movie gets a little melodramatic towards the end, the presence of experienced actors like Jayasurya makes up for it. He stays true to the character, never goes overboard but still makes an impact with his presence. Finally, Punyalan Private Limited lives up to all the hype and buzz and makes a decent watch this weekend.

  • Nithin

    12 Jun 18 @ 5:37 PM

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