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Punyalan Private Limited Full Movie

U Comedy, Drama 2 hrs 9 mins Nov 17, 2017
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Punyalan Private Limited Story

Director: Ranjith Sankar

Cast: Jayasurya as Joy Thakkolkaran, Vijayaraghavan as Shakthan Rajashekharan, Aju Varghese as Greenu Sharma, Sreejith Ravi as Abaya Kumar, and Ponnamma Babu as Usha.

Joy Thokkolkaram's wife does does  the events of the first film. He loses his first incense sticks business to the debts. But he's an entrepreneur. He doesn't stop for long and starts another business venture, this time he uses elephant urine as a soft drink. His ideas and enthusiasm are supported by his workers and friends including Greenu Sharma, Abhayakumar,  Peer Thanesh etc. 

As we have known since the first film, Joy follows unconcentiuncoways to get his job done. He doesn't follow the system and moves against the tide. This makes him clashes 2ith others including the authorities. But Joy doesn't relent and uses the media to gain attention to his product. He uses the new found media attantiatto talk against the corrupted system and makes statements against the Chief Minister of the state. Obviously this infuriates the Chief Minister and he gathers means against Joy. How Joy Thokkolkaram stands against the Chief Minister and gets his job done form the rest of the story. 

Punyalan Private Limited received generally positive reviews for its satirical tone and the performances. Lead actor and producer Jayasuriya was showered with praise for his conviction. The movie became a box office success. 

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