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Pullikkaran Starra Full Movie

U Drama 2 hrs 15 mins Sep 1, 2017
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Pullikkaran Starra Story

Director: Syamdhar

Cast: Mammootty as Rajakumaran, Asha Sharath as Manjari Anthony, Deepti Sati as Manjima, Innocent as Omanakshan Pillai, Dileesh Pothan as Kuryachen, Pearle Maaney as Angelina

Rajakumaran, a middleaged man hailing from Idukki, is a noble, intelligent, and handsome teacher trainer. However, he is also naive and shy and ended up being single. But despite all that he has a reputation for being a womanizer, largely for no fault of his own. 

He lands in Kochi as the teacher trainer and his neighbors Kuriyachan and Omanakshan Pillai come up with ideas to fix his bad reputation and help him find a life partner. However, things take a difficult turn for Rajakumaran when two woman- one young and one elder- enters his life causing him immense dilemma.

Pullikkaran Starra marked the second directorial venture of Syamdhar who made an impressive debut with the Prithviraj movie 7th Day. However, Pullikaran Starra won severe criticism from the part of the audience and the movie buffs. Mammootty was also widely slammed for taking up the film. 

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