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Agnyaathavaasi Full Movie

U/A Action, Romance 2 hrs 38 mins Jan 10, 2018
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Agnyaathavaasi Story

Director: Trivikram Srinivas

Cast: Pawan Kalyan as Abhishiktha Bhargav, Keerthy Suresh as Sukumari, Anu Emmanuel as Suryakantham

Agnyaathavaasi which is released amidst controversy and sky-high expectations is the story of a power struggle in a multinational company named AB Group. Govinda Bhargav aka Vinda is a rich industrial tycoon receives the news of his son Mohan Bhargav's death and soon gets murdered by the goons of an unknown conspirator. 

Vinda's wife Indrani Bhargav brings Balasubrahmanyam, a youngster with both brain and brawn, with the help of Appaji a loyal aide of Vinda family. Balasubrahmanyam, in reality, is the anonymously raised son of Vinda, Abhishikt Bhargav (played by Pawan Kalyan). He goes to Indrani and joins the company as an employee.

He then probes Sharma and Varma two of the officials in the company and friends of Vinda, and others and comes to now the real murderer of his father and his half-brother. That person Seetharam asks Abhishikt Bhargav to prove himself to be the real and legal heir of AB Group. How and in what way Abhishikt prove his heirdom and punish the murderers and save the company forms the rest of the story.

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