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Project Z Review

U/A Action, Sci-fi, Thriller 2 hrs 12 mins Dec 29, 2017

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Project Z Review & Rating

Project Z which has Sundeep Kishan and Lavanya Tripathi is the lead roles in the dubbed version of Maayavan. CV Kumar who has produced some of the best Tamil movies in the recent years made his directorial debut with this film. The film was supposed to release way back but has been postponed few times and has hit the screens finally. But there's been absolutely no buzz about the film as there are no promotions from the production team. Sundeep Kishan is trying hard to find his luck to score that one blockbuster in his career. Will Maayavan be that one film? Will CV Kumar impress the audience with his directorial skills? Let's find out in Project Z movie review.

The film starts off with Sundeep Kishan being introduced as a cop who chases a criminal but he comes across a brutal murder case. He now moves on to that case and tries to find the killer. In this process, he gets injured and is hospitalized. After coming out from the hospital he suffers from few psychological problems and is treated by Lavanya Tripathi. Just when everything seems well, he comes across the murder case of a famous actress which looks exactly like the previous murder. How he solves all these mysteries forms the rest of the story.

Sundeep Kishan has put in a lot of hard work for this film and it is visible on the screen. He has transformed himself into a cop's role perfectly and has performed some good action scenes effortlessly. He gives a striking performance as a sincere cop who goes to any extent to find justice and his role has been well written by CV Kumar. Lavanya Tripathi who is known for her glamorous roles gets a performance oriented role this time and she does justice to her role. Though her romantic track with Sundeep Kishan lacks depth, their onscreen chemistry looks good. Jackie Shroff brings in a lot of depth to the film and is a treat to watch. His introduction has been shot well and is one of the best scenes of the film. Daniel Balaji performed well as the baddie and Mime Gopi and others were okay.

Most of the credit for the output of this film has to go to the art director of the film, Gopi Anand who has come up with superb sets. The way he has designed the science labs which match the range of Hollywood films deserves an applause. Cinematography by Gopi Amarnath is adequate and so was the editing by Leo John Paul. Another major asset of the film is Ghibran's terrific background scores which brings a lot of depth to the proceedings. He has been in fine form these days and he proves his worth once again. Production values of Thirukumaran Entertainment banner are good. Coming to the director of the film, CV Kumar he does a superb job with both writing as well as direction. He chooses a unique subject and executes it neatly without much fuss and confusion. Though it can't be said as a perfect film, it is decent enough to watch one time for the good performances and screenplay.

Project Z Preview

What Is It About?

Sundeep Kishan has carved an image for himself as an actor who can portray intense roles and as a young actor who tries different subjects with films like 'Nagaram', 'C/O Surya'. He teamed up with C.V. Kumar for Maayavan and 'Project Z' is the dubbed version of the same. The film is about a criminal who commits serial murders and how a strict cop (Sundeep Kishan) puts an end to those atrocities. Lavanya Tripathi will be seen as a psychiatrist who helps him.

What To Expect?

  • Intense Cop Drama:

Going by the trailer, the film looks so raw and intense with realistic characters. With such an interesting plot we can expect mind games between the protagonist and antagonist and a mind-blowing intense thriller. C.V. Kumar has produced some of the best and intense movies and we can expect something similar from a movie coming under his own direction.

  • Realistic Performances:

Sundeep Kishan is now one of the best young actors in South India and he rarely disappoints with his performance. Being a tall, dark and handsome guy, the cop role suits him very well and we can expect him to deliver a superb performance. 'Project Z' boasts of terrific casting in the form of Daniel Balaji, Lavanya Tripathi, Jackie Shroff and others from whom we can expect good performances.

  • Outstanding BGM

Ever since he made his debut, Ghibran has been providing some of the best background scores and we can expect the same for this movie as well. His recent flick 'Khakee' too had superb background score from him. As Project Z is also a cop drama, he has an opportunity to prove his worth once again.

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