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Projapoti Biskut Full Movie

U/A Romance 1 hrs 56 mins Sep 22, 2017
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Projapoti Biskut Story

Director: Anindya Chatterjee

Cast: Aditya Sengupta as Antor Sen, Esha Saha as Sraboni alias Shaon, 

Sraboni a.k.a Shaon and Antor Sen have been married for 2 years and 5 months, and live in a joint family. While Antor is submissive and does what is said, his wife Sraboni is independent and ambitious. Shaon is suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome because of which the couple is unable to conceive. Shaon learns that her friend Parijat is pregnant by her boyfriend Matthew and wants to abort the baby.

Shaon then convinces Parijat to go ahead with the pregnancy that Shaon will adopt the child. However, Shaon's dream of having a baby is shattered when Matthew comes back to take the full responsibility for the child. Shaon, being caught up in a restrictive household and willingness to pursue her dreams, leaves her in-laws to stay with her parents. One fine day, Shaon and Antor run into each other and decides to celebrate their wedding anniversary by drinking. They check-in into a cheap motel but are arrested by police for immoral behavior.

What happens next in the chaotic world of Shaon and Antor is an interesting thing to watch. Projapoti Biskut traces the journey of how the couple mends their relationship amidst all odds.

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