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Kadaram Kondan Review

U/A Thriller 2 hrs 1 mins Jul 19, 2019





Kadaram Kondan Review & Rating


Kadaram Kondan Review: A Half-Hearted Effort Saved By Vikram

The premise

Kadaram Kondan is a thrill a minute actioner starring Chiyaan Vikram. It’s produced by Kamal Haasan in what could have been a tailor-made role for him. It was said that Chandrahasan, the elder brother of Kamal Haasan, was so much in love with the subject that he wanted to produce this film on Raj Kamal Films International with Kamal. 

But by then, Kamal Haasan was so much into his political work that the director Rajesh Selva, a Kamal Haasan understudy went to Vikram who readily agreed. Chandrahasan’s unfortunate death led to Kamal to fulfill his brother’s wish to produce the film and here we have Kadaram Kondan. With a promise of international standard action entertainment, this film also stars Kamal’s younger daughter Akshata Haasan and noted character artist Nasser’s son Abihasan. 

The story

Coming to the story, the film is a remake of French thriller Point Blank (À bout portant). Cash Rajagopalan and his wife Aatirah live in Malaysia. Aatirah is pregnant and has a medical advice not to stress herself. Aatirah asks Vasu to bring her mother so that she could be having a human presence which is good for her during that time. Unable to answer her request, he assures that he would be thinking about her. 

The movie starts with KK, a mysterious person played by the supremely gifted but utterly under-utilised Vikram, escaping from a group of people who are out to eliminate him. He meets with an accident and finds himself in the hospital where Vasu is the doctor in the night shift. Vasu tends to KK not knowing what’s in store for him the next few moments. 

Aatirah’s fears come true in another way and she is kidnapped by a group of people among them is KK’s brother. The brother asks Vasu to bring KK out of the hospital where his life is under threat. Only then Aatirah will be released. KK is pursued by a couple of police groups led by Vincent and Kalpana who always try to one up each other. When one of her subordinates get wind if KK being in the hospital, Kalyan goes out to nab him. 

Who is KK? Will Vasu help him escape from the hospital? How and if they will save Aatirah? What’s the story of KK in the first place and why he is pursued by both the gangsters and the police? The answers to all these questions form the rest of the story. 

Writing and direction

The original film, Point Blank though a gripping thriller failed to set the box office on fire in its native France. The movie gained a cult following post the Korean remake. The problem with the film was despite having the medical man as the actual protagonist of the film, most of the action of the film belongs to the mysterious man. While the medical man in the original film was just a aide of a nurse, here Vasu is made a medical doctor. Also, to up the swag quotient of Vikram’s KK, a few unnecessary elements are added. 

Another problem with Kadaram Kondan is the movie immediately doesn’t go into the action mode. Though partly engaging, the young pair’s story keeps the audience bored. The move uneasily every time their story is shown on the screen. The much hyped action scenes also fail to keep the audience glued to the seat. Too much usage of gunfights kill the appetite for stylish action and by the time the climactic hand to hand combat rolls out, the audience start to groan. 

A two-hour runtime is a blessing, to be frank, still, the movie feels like a 3-hour long hike. The narration is bumpy. The screenplay though followed the structure to an extent, it’s very predictable. Also, it feels similar to the director Rajesh Selvan’s Thoonga Vanam which itself was a partly successful thriller. All said and done, the relentless action in the second half and the delightfully graceful salt and pepper look of Vikram save the film to an extent. 

The crew

The biggest plus point of this film is Ghibran’s score. The song is good and the theme is terrific. The background score in the initial portions and during the last half hour took the film to the next level. It’s a job well done by Ghibran. The editing is fast paced but undone by narration. The locations are authentic and added visual splendour. The production values are superb pertaining to RKFI and the cinematography is top-notch. 


Kadaram Kondan is a half boiled thriller which is low on thrills and more in style. While the fans expect non-stop action (they are led to believe it) from Vikram, all they get is swag and dormant Vikram for most of the first half. You can watch it in leisure unless you badly want to watch a Tamil film immediately and have already watched all the other current releases.


  • Vikram
  • Ghibran's musical score


  • Half-boiled narration
  • Disappointing action sequences
  • Vikram had nothing to do in the first half

Pycker Rating: 2.25 out of 5

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Kadaram Kondan Live Updates & Public Talk

Kadaram Kondan is one of the highly anticipated films of the season with Vikram want to make a strong comeback after back to back debacles. Touted to be a slick action thriller, the Rajesh Selva directorial is produced by Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan. The film which hits the screens today has its premieres done already and opened to an enthusiastic talk among the critics and early watchers. The movie is said to be gripping and the action sequences are the biggest highlight.

Kadaram Kondan is a thoroughly engaging complete action entertainer with world-class action sequences. The first half travels at a rapid pace and the action in the second half is intense. So well made action thriller which will engage you throughout. Super good looking Chiyaan supported by some good supporting actors. Perfect casting, good direction, and brilliant music score. Easily the best Chiyaan movie after ages. Sure shot HIT

Keep watching for more Kadaram Kondan public talk and live updates. 

Kadaram Kondan Preview

What Is Kadaram Kondan About?

Vikram is one of the best actors of all time to emerge from Tamil Cinema but when was the last time he delivered an undisputed blockbuster? You remember?  Now, he comes up with Kadaram Kondan the Conqueror of Kadaram) directed by Rajesh M. Selva. With Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan producing the film on his home banner, Rajkamal Films International, the movie caught the attention of the movie buffs. 

The story of the film revolves around a murder and the investigation but it is Vikram’s characterisation and his appearance (grey shades both in terms of looks and his role that is the USP of the film. The film was originally thought of as to be made with Kamal Haasan. 

Director Rajesh M. Selva who comes from the stable of Kamal Haasan has envisioned it with Kamal as Kondan. But with Kamal busy with his political business and Chandrahasan the original producer’s death, the movie was restarted with Vikram. So, the influence of Kamal Haasan is obviously visible in the film. 

Kadaram Kondan promises 

An intriguing action thriller

It has been a long time since Vikram was seen in an action role. Of course, he played a mass cop in Saamy 2 but it’s not a film either Vikram or his fans are proud of. Now, with Rajesh M. Selva handling the film obviously under the guidance of Kamal Haasan, the film is sure to give some thrills that couldn’t be found anywhere else. 

A slick action thriller where our protagonist is a mercenary always piques the interest of the audience of executed well. The story of a double agent who terrorises amp innocuous couple where the woman is a pregnant. With the action sequences promise to be of international class, Kadaram Kondan will surely be a movie to watch out for this weekend. 

Vikram finally landed in a role worthy of him

Chiyaan Vikram never failed as an actor but it is his selection of subjects and the characterisations if the roles he played failed to click with the audience. For an actor who can do anything to essay a role and goes to extreme measures to make them as realistic as possible, Kollywood directors time and again failed to create roles worthy of his screen presence let alone his talent. 

Kadaram Kondan appears to be business. Vikram went the route of Thaala Ajith and sports a salt and pepper look for this film. KK is going to be both heroic as the fans needed and also brings out the best actor in him. If the movie turns out to be remotely good, he’ll push it to the next level for sure. 

Rajesh Selva and his team

Those who watched Thoonga Vanam will testify that Rajesh M. Selva is a talented director with an eye for detail and a visual narration of highest class. He is aided by producer Kamal Haasan. Gibran’s background score is electrifying to say the least in the trailer and will surely elevate the film. Srinivas R. Gutha’s cinematography is gritty. With a highly talented team assembling for this film, Kadaram Kondan will surely take the seat of first choice film this weekend. 

Keep watching for Kadaram Kondan review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!