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Pretham 2 Review

U Comedy, Family, Horror Dec 21, 2018





Pretham 2 Review & Rating


The Mentalist Is Back

Jayasurya in his Mentalist avatar John Don Bosco is back in the sequel where he tries to come to terms with a spirit in the eerie looking mansion. 

The story

The sequel has five youngsters who camp inside a huge mansion Varikkassery Mana and they start experiencing paranormal activities. It tries the guts out of them and they seek help from Mentalist John Don Bosco who is experienced in communicating with ghosts. 

Pretham 2 tries hard to prove itself as a horror flick. The first half has succeeded in keeping the horror and suspense intact. However, the predicability in the second half plays spoilsport. The narration loses its grip after a certain point of time. At times, the comedy attempts in the horror flick goes overboard and bring yawns. 

Jayasurya as John Don Bosco

Jayasurya's performance stands out in a screenplay that falls apart. He has done full justice to his role and he exudes freshness and awe even in his looks and body language. The actor seems to be at ease playing the mentalist and unfortunately, the actor's screen presence is the only highlight of the movie.

Cameraman Vishnu Narayanan has tried his best in capturing the mysterious palace and the story does not allow him much scope other than showcasing the palace's pond and its surroundings. The director could have explored more to bring out the actual horror element as Malayalam films have very few successful movies in the horror genre. It is an opportunity wasted. He has also tried to touch upon subjects of piracy and cyber crimes andhas tried to fit it into the horror plot. 

If you had expected something like a Njan Marykutty or Punyalan Agarbathies from the duo Jayasurya -Ranjith, then you will be in for a major disappointment. However, Pretham 2 can be watched as a get away this season.

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Pretham 2 User Reviews

  • Athul

    24 Dec 18 @ 8:12 AM

    Nice film

  • Athul

    24 Dec 18 @ 8:12 AM

    Nice film

Pretham 2 Live Updates & Public Talk

Jayasurya and Ranjith combo together have given many note-worthy hits. The sequel to their horror-comedy Pretham was eagerly awaited by the fans of Mentalist John Don Bosco, Jayasurya's character from Pretham franchise. The movie has opened to positive reports where the audience were kept engaged with a good first half and an even better second half.

The audience seems to have liked the story-telling method of the combo. The hit duo have not disappointed and the movie seems to be getting thumbs up from cine lovers.

Need to wait for more updates before pronouncing the verdict. Watch this space for live updates and public talk.

Pretham 2 Preview

What is Pretham 2 About

Pretham 2 is a sequel to the commercially successful horror-comedy, Pretham. Pretham 2 has Jayasurya back in the iconic mentallist avatar John Don Bosco. The film is about five youngsters who decide to vile away their time in a huge mansion Varikkassery Mana, but were in for a rude shock when they witness paranormal activities.

Looks like the old mansion has the spirit of a person who committed suicide some time back and it is out on a prowl. The mentalist says that he is an expert at speaking to ghosts as he had learnt  the art of communicating with dead people.

What to expect from Pretham 2

Pretham 2 promises

The trailer and teaser of Pretham 2 promises to have a gripping narration keeping the viewers edged to their seats, as the mentalist is trying to help the oppressed souls who had departed to a new world. Looks like there is a romantic twist too, as John Don Bosco had a love interest Angelina, whose death caused him bouts of depression. It was for the sole purpose of communicating with her that John Don Bosco had learnt the art of Mentallism.

Ranjith-Jaysurya Duo

Ranjith and Jayasurya have collaborated earlier and had delivered some memorable hits. Their previous hit Njan Marykutty sensitively and sensibly portrayed the life of a transsexual. Su Su Sudhi Vatmeekam also had Jayasurya brilliantly portraying a diffident youth due to his stammering disability. Many of their earlier movies like Pretham and Punyalan Agarbathies Franchise were also superhits.

The team

The cast includes the beautiful and talented Saniya Iyyappan of Queen fame playing Angelina, Amith Chakkalakal, Siddhartha Siva and Durga Krishna. It is jointly produced by Ranjith and Jayasurya under Punyalan Cinemas and have many hits to their credit. Cinematographer Vishnu Narayanan had brillantly captured the eerie atmosphere giving us a spooky feeling. Music by Anand Madhusoodanan is top notch. 

Pretham 2 is sure to thrill the viewer to the core with the controlled narration, awesome cast and technical brilliance.

Watch this space for public talk, reviews and ratings.