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PM Narendra Modi Review

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PM Narendra Modi Review & Rating


PM Narendra Modi Review: Now, It Has Become A Celebration of Modi's Victory

The premise

What was thought of as a propaganda film, PM Narendra Modi - the unexpected biopic on the life of India's current Prime Minister has now become a part of and a sort of celebration for those who support him fiercely. That doesn't make it a good film. But it's not a bad film either. What catches the attention of movie buffs about this film is director Omung Kumar's association with it. 

PM Narendra Modi

The movie records that events that led up to the swearing-in ceremony of Shri Narendra Modi. His life as a Chaiwala, how he led monkish life, and his relationship with his mentors, and how he became the most polarized politician in modern India, and in what way he rose through the ranks, and finally his love for the people of India. All and a bit more. It could be seen as whitewashing by some. And it may repel his detractors. But what are Indian biopics for? Wasn't Sanju accused of the same? 

The performances

Coming to the performances, the entire film revolves around Modi and his rise. The phenomenon called Narendra Modi to be exact. Vivek Oberoi did a commendable job in the role except that his stature didn't do justice to the aura of Modi. Though he did a fantastic job, we can safely say that he lacked the charisma Modi is so famous for. 

The usage of prosthetics helped him have a resemblance to the eponymous role and his dialogue delivery is par for the course. It is in the emotional scenes that he shined. But as he himself declared Paresh Rawal would have lifted the portrayal a couple of notches above than what we have now. Don't take it in the wrong way. Wouldn't we all want our beloved PM to be played by the best possible actor? Hain?

Manoj Joshi as Amit Shah is terrific. He oozed the understated aggression and intimidating intelligence of his real-life counterpart. The scenes involving Modi-Shah duo are easily the highlights of the films and the interactions of Modi with his mentors are done well to create an impact. The casting is impeccable for the most part in this unexpected biopic. 

Writing and direction

The direction by Omung Kumar is excellent. He brought out the best from the actors. The technical details of the movie are utilized to perfection. The thing where Omung failed to impress is the script. If it's not for the name Narendra Modi, the film would have become an even more self-indulgent machine. The lack of deep research is evident right from the word go. But he kept the narration entertaining for the most part which helps the audience to watch it till the end without too many hiccoughs. The audience who take kindly outlook towards Modi ji, that is...!

The crew

The music has an ingratiating quality and helped enhance the intrigue in such scenes and had a calming effect in the others. It also portrayed the demeanor of the most powerful leader of present-day India admirably. The cinematography is okayish. The editing is good. The production design is good for the most part and the production values are rich and worthy of the scope of the film. 


PM Narendra Modi can now be treated as a tribute to the global leader from India by one of his big fans than an actual record of history. Despite this, having no boring scenes and a narrative intrigue keep the audience interest. Moreover, it's a celebration of our beloved PM's rise to power from very humble beginnings. You can watch it unless you are too against the idea of Modi being Indian Prime Minister. A Rahul Gandhi's biopic for you? Well! Just kidding. 


  • Well made film
  • Excellent direction by Omung Kumar
  • Manoj Joshi as Amit Shah


  • The narration is superficial for the most part
  • Some may find the film a whitewashing of Modi's life

Pycker Rating: 2.75 out of 5

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PM Narendra Modi User Reviews

  • sagar Uddin

    30 May 19 @ 2:06 AM

    Very bad movie ever... how come vivek he represents our best pm like this he's not actor he's making fun with our pm sir
  • Dinesh Akim

    27 May 19 @ 12:35 PM

  • Pratik

    24 May 19 @ 4:45 PM

PM Narendra Modi Live Updates & Public Talk

We are aware of the rise of Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. Starting from a tea seller to becoming the Prime Minister of India, we have all witnessed it with our eyes. So, what's so special in his biopic? Well, it is a story of the triumph of mind, heart, and greatness of a man who is determined to do right by his country. PM Narendra Modi stars Vivek Oberoi in the titular role, and people are praising his acting, his exact portrayal and uncanny resemblance to Shri Narendra Modi. The film is high on patriotic dialogues and gives an inside deets on Indian history and Indian politics. Check out what celebs are tweeting about PM Narendra Modi. 

Narendra Modi's historic win at the 17th Lok Sabha Elections is proving to be a catalyst in upping the business of the movie. The biopic is being loved by masses and people are appreciating the honesty and simplicity they have shown in the film. The film shows the dream a man had of a 'Better India'. The movie comprises of the right set to background music to capture every mood of the film and Omung Kumar's brilliant direction just upped the game. 

Stay tuned for more PM Narendra Modi public talk and live updates.

PM Narendra Modi Preview

What is PM Narendra Modi About?

PM Narendra Modi tells the early life and struggles faced by the man of the moment, Shri Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India, and how he rose through the ranks to become one of the most loved and polarized political leaders in the World's largest democracy. After several troubles including the multiple postponements of the release, the controversial film hits the screens tomorrow just in time as another reason to celebrate for the supporters of Modi as he stormed back to power in the Centre. 

What was thought of as an election stunt and a political propaganda film to benefit the political party during the elections now turned out to be a celebration of an eminent leader with the verdict the citizens of India have given right now. Vivek Oberoi has played the eponymous role and the film is produced by Suresh Oberoi alongside Sandip Ssingh. 

PM Narendra Modi Promises

The tale of how a common man become the most powerful leader in the country

Narendra Modi's life is a fascinating case study of both Indian politics and that of the BJP culture where they claim anyone can reign supreme if they can prove their mettle. No need to have a monetary/political clout nor is there any necessity for family background. None can represent the same better than Shri Modi. 

This film is expected to cover both his struggle and his rise both as a national leader after virtually been called the most divisive politicians of modern India courtesy Godhra incident. Whatever our affiliations, he is not one to be ignored at any cost. By going through the promos and trailers, PM Narendra Modi appears to be a solid biopic. 

Vivek Oberoi as Modi

Vivek Oberoi has resurrected his career after several setbacks and controversies. He has also made himself a name as a villain in high profile movies across languages. There are no doubts about his abilities as an actor (remember Raktha Charitra?) but playing a living politician and an iconic leader as Modi ji is no simple task. 

But from what little we have seen, he is up to the task. And then there are murmurs from the ultra-talented Paresh Rawal that he also wanted to make a film of the Indian Prime Minister's life and his comments that he could make a better Modi on the screen. It will be interesting to see how Vivek portrayed the eponymous role. 

Omung Kumar and his team

Oung Kumar started his career with the acclaimed biopic of multiple world champion boxer Mary Kom. And then there is the film Sarabjit. He had passed with flying colors the challenge of films made on the basis of real-life persons. Now, a film of this scale as PM Narendra Modi though may appear intimidating, we can safely assume Omung is up to the challenge. Vivek Oberoi himself penned the screenplay alongside Anirudh Chawla. 

Keep watching for PM Narendra Modi review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!