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U Action, Drama, Thriller 2 hrs 10 mins Mar 4, 2016
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Pichaikkaran Story

Director: Sasi

Cast: Vijay Antony as Arul Selvamani, Satna Titus as Magizhini, Bagavathi Perumal as Rajesh, Muthuraman as Arul's uncle Avinash, and Dheepa Ramanujam as Aru;'s mother Bhuvaneshwari. 

Arul Selvakumar is a rich businessman based out of Palladam, Tirupur district. His mother Bhuvaneshwari is the person behind the growth of their textile business following her husband’s early death. Avinash is her brother-in-law who is money minded and has plans to grab Arul’s properties. Arul returns from abroad after graduation and takes charge of all the business responsibilities from his mother. 

In the meantime, Bhuvaneshwari meets with an accident in the factory and falls into a coma with all the efforts taken by Arul goes in vain to cure her. Finally, Arul meets a Swamiji who suggests that Arul should lead a life of a beggar for 48 days and this would help his mother to recover. He also says that Arul should never reveal this to anyone.

Arul accepts and goes to Chennai to beg without informing anyone and only his friend Rajesh knows the truth as he has been asked to look after the business until he comes back. Arul sits along with a few other beggars in front of a temple and starts begging. He meets Magizhini and develops affection seeing her good nature. 

Actually, Arul and his mother had initially decided to approach Magizhini for an alliance through a matrimonial site. Magizhini also encounters Arul in a few situations and likes his character not knowing that he is a beggar. Avinashi tries to take over Arul’s businesses as both Arul and his mother are unavailable now. Magizhini finds out that Arul is a beggar and gets angry thinking Arul has cheated her. How Arul win back Magizhini's affection and thwart the plans of evil Avinash form the rest of the story. 

Pichaikkaran received mixed to positive reviews from the critics. The movie became a profitable venture for the makers and garnered profits for the distributors. But it is the Telugu version of Pichaikkaran, Bichagadu, which exploded at the box office and became a never before seen sort of big hit. It is one of the best movies and biggest blockbusters of the year 2016 in Telugu. Vijay Antony's performance and the variation he had shown in the two shades of character received applause. 

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