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U/A Drama, Family 2 hrs 27 mins Feb 1, 2019





Peranbu Review & Rating


Peranbu: A Love Letter To The Human Being Deep In Our Hearts

The premise

It is very rarely we come across movies which make us jump with joy of discovering something new and even rarer when it comes to movies having the biggest stars delivering such films. How great it would be if we encounter a film like this at least a film a month? Okay okay! Leave the dreams aside and come to reality. Finally, yours truly gets to watch Peranbu and what a film it is!

Long ago, when Mammootty took up a role in director Shyam prasad's Orey Kadal, it was not just an experiment. A true test of character for the actor Mammootty sans the Mega Star burden. He passed it with flying colors. Now, after more than a decade, he has taken up a role which is a part of the narration than the narration to have him as part. 

Director Ram, known for films like Kattradhu Tamizh, Thanga Meengal, and Taramani has come up with a relentlessly soul-searching narration in Peranbu. Without further ado, let's dive into Peranbu review and know how this masterpiece unfolded! OMG! We have given the biggest spoiler. All right! A new way of starting a review, right?

Amudhavan and Paapa

Amudhavan is a single parent who comes to the remote hill-locked area where human interaction is far less compared to the hustle and bustle of the city life. He has a daughter, whom he fondly (???) calls Paapa (little girl). But she is not literally a Paapa but an adolescent who is on the verge of becoming a woman. A true woman. Biologically. You get what I mean, I have no doubts about it. 

Amudhavan was never associated with the girl since her childhood. He had shown a sort of passive aversion towards her as she was not normal. Like him. She is a special child all right! But not so special to him. But when her mother left him for another man and the girl's in dire need of a caring parent, he took up the job of bearing with her. Such is the relation the father and daughter shared. But Amudhavan is a father and being a father, he slowly warms up to her and tries to understand her needs. 

Paapa suffers from Spastic Cerebral Palsy (a brain condition where the muscles of people with spastic cerebral palsy feel stiff and their movements may look stiff and jerky due to the damaged portion of the brain sends wrong signals to those body parts). She has a special sort of intelligence. She is like your normal girl on the verge of sexual development and in the state of taking the first steps of understanding sex which makes things all the more complicated for Amudhavan. He understands that he needs a woman caretaker for his daughter. 

But after an unfortunate betrayal from a person who he thought close and understood his situation, he leaves the idle but relatively peaceful life in the remote area and shifts to Chennai. But the concrete jungle poses another problem for him and his daughter. One of the crudest forms of insulting people with special needs is showing sympathy rather than letting them grow in their own way by sharing care and love. T

he same happens to Paapa. How Amudhavan develops as a person and how his relationship with his daughter evolves and if she is accepted by those in her vicinity as is form the rest of the story. 

Writing and direction

Director Ram is not your ordinary filmmaker who wants to tell a story. He is one who makes you forcefully enter the minds and the deep valleys in the hearts of his characters and witness the gutwrenching happenings out there. He took this to even more new levels and what we witness on the screen disturbs u like nothing we have witnessed in long long memory. It is not like witnessing an unfortunate person on the street, died, and no one is caring. It's much more than that. 

Imagine a film like Peppermint Candy (2000) or I saw the devil (2010) or even Irreversible (2002). Films where we are disturbed not just because of the images we watch on the screen but because we are forced to jump into the minds of the character and dwell there alone. Peranbu is one such film. Director Ram followed the Chapter style narration used in Peppermint Candy. While a reverse running train intercepts one chapter from the other, here, the rise or fall of mist in the lake where we first encounter Amudhavan for the first time. Beautiful and brutal. Brutiful (have to coin a new word). 

Masterful performances

Mammootty is an actor of the highest quality. Like Kamal Haasan, he has taken up roles unimaginable and unintelligible for other actors. As we have come to Kamal Haasan, let me tell you one thing. peranbu is as devastating as Kamal's Maha Nadhi and is as uplifting as the smile of a cute child. An irony. But it's true. That's why I call peranbu a once-in-a-lifetime experience. While Mahanadhi starts on a beautifully light-hearted atmosphere, Peranbu is relentless in its disturbing setting. 

Now, coming again to Mammootty, he has delivered a stellar performance is an understatement. Amudhavan is a character which deserves to be played by an actor of his stature. It is not that Mammootty gave a power-packed performance. It is the rare case where a film itself delivered us Mammootty the actor. Director Ram has done us and the actor himself a great favor with Peranbu. A great love letter from a great director to Mammootty and the movie buffs. Mammootty nuanced performance makes us revel in the joy of finding him again. 

The girl Sadhana who played Paapa went toe to toe with Mammootty performing the role with gumption. In a few scenes, she even overshadowed the legend. She didn't get bogged down by such a phenomenal character she has gotten to play at such an early age and at the earliest stage of her career. What could have been ended up as a template character became one which comes alive before us in flesh and blood. A real girl. Suffering from Spastic Cerebral Palsy. But has an inherent joy in her life irrespective of the others. Sadhana has a great future. Bless her!

Anjali who played one of the lead support roles is good. Anjali Ameer who played a role echoing her real life is a revelation. Mammootty must be commended for bringing her on board for this film. Rest of the actors did thoroughly well under the masterful direction of Ram. 
Music and cinematography

The music by Yuvan Shankar Raja itself is a landmark in composing a cerebral score. Mute the film for a minute and play some music in your own mind. It is still the score composed by Yuvan. What a man! The cinematography by Theni Eashwar is stylistically brilliant. The frames he sets are beautifully claustrophobic. He explored the human psyche in the form of the visuals guided by the director. An asset to the film. The production design and the production values of the film are first rate. The producer P. L. Thenappan deserves all the riches for producing a film of such quality. Just make Peranbu a commercial success and repay him. 


One word. Don't miss this film. But be prepared to experience the depths of human frailties. Peranbu has Mammootty's Amudhavan as a representation of our society. Sadhana's paapa as the representation of disabled persons (excuse this writer, can't find a correct word). It is us whom we witness in Peranbu. It will certainly change the outlook of you on life and make you feel eternally grateful to the creator for giving you an able life. Just go and watch it. A Peranbu for your life. 


  • Ram's writing and direction
  • Mammootty and Sadhana
  • Yuvan Shankar Raja's music
  • Theni Eashwar's cinematography
  • The producer who backed this film


  • The audience who don't make these films commercially successful

Pycker Rating: 4 out of 5

Tailpiece: Once again! Don't miss this film and don't say again we don't get great films. 

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Peranbu User Reviews

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    6 Feb 19 @ 4:26 PM


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    6 Feb 19 @ 2:20 AM

    Good movie

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    4 Feb 19 @ 12:09 AM


Peranbu Live Updates & Public Talk

Peranbu is the first film in a long time that Mollywood Megastar Mammootty acting in a Tamil film proper barring a couple of bilinguals. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Ram of Kattradhu Thamizh, Thanga Meengal, and Taramani fame, the film is well received by the film festival circuits world over and created a great interest among the South Indian movie buffs. Now, with the preview shows and premieres coming to an end, the movie is unanimously declared a modern-day classic and the performances of the lead actors are hailed as top-class. 

Mammootty has delivered a magical performance and ruled the roost right from the beginning. The consensus is that he should be appreciated for donning such a role. Young actress Sadhana of Thanga Meengal fame who played Mammootty's daughter in the film also receives special applause for her stunning performance. The hillside locations and the way Theni Eshwar has captured them in the film are mesmerizing. 
The atmospheric quality of the film is topnotch. 

Peranbu is a gut-wrenchingly beautiful tale of a father and his daughter coming to terms with life and its most unexpected surprises. Not surprised that such a film has come from the director Ram says one early watcher of the film. Yuvan Shankar Raja's music, the outstanding script, and the performances of Mammootty and Anjali are appreciable. Anjali Ameer also vindicates her selection with a competent performance. All in all, Peranbu is a top of the line film to come out of Tamil Cinema. 

Keep watching for more Peranbu public talk and live updates. 

Peranbu Preview

What is Peranbu About?

Malayalam Mega Star Mammootty is not just a versatile actor, he is one of the few stars with a pan-India appeal. He is known all over South India and the audience of many languages owned him like their own and his masterful performances won acclaim across Indian diaspora world over. Now, he is making his return into Tamil Cinema after some time, and it is with the master of operatic brilliance Ram gave him a role that is truly worthy of the actor of his power.

Peranbu was already released in various prestigious film festivals across the world and received considerable critical acclaim. It was widely expected to hit the screens in 2018 itself but that was not to be. Whatever the reasons for the delay in releasing this masterpiece of an emotional rollercoaster, it is for good. It's a fresh beginning in the new year and after a couple of big blockbusters, this is time to appreciate commercial art films. And who is better than Mammukka to deliver such a film?

Perambu Promises

A gut-wrenching story about a man's self-discovery

Not since Orey Kadal, Mammootty has played a character with a lot of internal conflicts. Amudhavan in Peranbu is not just a character with internal conflict but faces several real-world problems, the chief among them is the disability of his pre-teen daughter. After a lot of soul-searching, Amudhavan discovers his true self by the end of the film but at what cost?

It will be refreshing to see Mannotty sans the Mega Star in a film where the artist in him is laid bare for all of us to enjoy. Whatever may be the result of this film commercially, it is a character that truly makes Mammootty the real-life Mega Star.

What an actor he is without the added glitz and feats required by the star Mammootty? How many actors can get a chance to cater to both informed and mass audience with the same verve? With the Tollywood film Yatra releasing just a week later, Peranbu with that film is a big feast for Mammukka fans. Two entirely different dishes served in the form of a sumptuous meal.

Ram the director

The director of the film, Ram, is a multiple-Award winner and known for exploring the ways the society judges people and the individual souls react to the claustrophobic experience. All his films, a relatively light-hearted Thanga Meengal including, are a wide range of emotional landscapes nobody can escape in their lives but may turn a blind eye.

With an actor of the stature of Mammootty, he could have been carried away. But from what is evident from the trailer and the initial reviews from the international critics and celebs who watched the previews, he stuck to his guns and let the story of Amudhavan, Paapa, Viji, and Meera unfold in all its glory.

The lead actresses

Peranbu is virtually the first big star's film to star a transgender modal in a lead role, Anjali Sameer has broken the societal barriers like the filmmaking of Ram intends to do and does the unthinkable. She plays the role of Meera. Apart from her is the hugely talented  Anjali in another role which keeps Mammootty's role in check whenever needed.

Sadhana, the young girl who received universal acclaim for her performance in Thanga Maangal collaborates with Ra once again for another soul-stirring film. It is her character Paapa that acts as the catalyst to the plot of Peranbu.

Music and cinematography

Director Ram being an auteur, his collaboration with anyone turns them part of his narrative scape and Yuvan Shankar Raja's music is as operatic as the narration by Ram. Chillingly brilliant score it is in the trailer, and if it is any sample, we will have a musical masterpiece with Peranbu (in terms of background score). The cinematography by Theni Eashwar is grotesquely atmospheric capturing the vision and the pain of Ram's narration.

Stay tuned for Peranbu review, rating, and complete analysis. Don't forget to bookmark this page. You'll get much more than just reviews.