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U/A Drama, Family 2 hrs 27 mins Feb 1, 2019
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Peranbu Story

Director: Ram

Cast: Mammootty as Amudhavan, Sadhana as Paapa (Amudhavan and Thangam's daughter), Anjali as Vijayalakshmi aka Viji, Anjali Sameer as Meera, and Lizzie Antony as Thangam (Paapa's mother).

Peranbu tells the story of Amudhavan and his daughter Paapa who is spastic. Amudhavan worked in the Gulf for a good 10 years before he returns to his home only to find that his wife has left him. She writes a letter to him asking him to take care of their not-so-normal daughter. The movie unfolds in the form of Amudhavan's recording his life after that in the form of entries in his book. 

Amudhavan tries to his best to look after his daughter but she who was close to her mother doesn't warm up to him. She screams at him whenever he comes nearer him and communicates with him in the form of a few curt sounds. He takes a lot of effort to look after her. In the meantime, Amudhavan has to fight it off with those who have an eye on his house which is very valuable. 

One day, while Paapa was sleeping, he finds blood stains on her bed and concludes that she needs the care of a woman. The next day he goes out and tries to find a woman carer for Paapa. A woman named Vijayalakshmi aka Viji asks him to provide bare necessities and she will take care of Paapa. But the woman has ulterior motives which bring great misfortune upon Paapa and Amudhavan. 

How Amudhavan protects Paapa and how their relationship evolves? How and if Amudhavan and Paapa find stability and happiness in their lives form the rest of the tale. 

Peranbu received high critical acclaim and was well received in the International Film Festival circuit before its release in India. The performances of Mammootty and the young actress Sadhana were hailed as stellar. Director Ram was praised for coming up with such a touching film high on emotions without overdoing it. The movie went on to become a moderate commercial success with minor profits everywhere.  

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