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Pelli Choopulu Full Movie

U Comedy, Romance 2 hrs 5 mins Jul 29, 2016
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Pelli Choopulu Story

Director: Tharun Bhascker Dhassyam

Cast: Vijay Devarakonda as Prasanth, Ritu Varma as Chitra, Priyadarshi Pulikonda as Kaushik, Abhay Bethiganti as Vishnu, Nandu as Vikram, and Kedar Shankar as Prasanth's father.

Prasanth is a youngster who completed his graduation (B. Tech) but idles lazily with his friends. He wants to become a cook but couldn't do anything as his father doesn't support him. One day, he goes to Chitra's house for Pelli Choopulu. It took him five years to complete B. Tech. Because of his laziness, he is incapable of doing anything. 

Chitra is an ambitious girl focused on fulfilling her dreams of going to Australia. But her father doesn't accept this as she is a girl and need to be married off. When they were both in a room at the time of Pelli Choopulu (matchmaking), Chitra's younger cousin accidentally locks them both inside. 

As they are stuck without a chance to out, they start sharing their past. Chitra reveals that she fell in love with a North Indian boy and they decided to start a food truck business together. But he betrayed her so her father decided to marry her off to someone else. Prasanth tells her about his dreams and how to he along with his friends used to make cooking videos.

Later they both realize that Prasanth has come to the wrong address for the matchmaking. They parted their ways but later decides to open their own food truck business with Prasanth as the head chef, and Chitra as the in-charge of the business side of thing. They face many problems initially, how they overcome these problems and how they will finally meet is the rest of the story.

Pelli Choopulu became one of the trendsetting Telugu films. It also became one of the biggest hits among the small budget Telugu films. It also received the national award as the Best Telugu Film. It also bagged Filmfare award for Best Film - Telugu and Ritu Varma won Critics Best Actress - Telugu. Pelli Choopulu also won Nandi Award for Best Film and Ritu Varma bagged the Best Actress award. 

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