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Password Review

U/A Thriller 2 hrs 18 mins Oct 2, 2019





Password Review & Rating

Password Review: Inside a world where nothing is "secured"

The Premise

One fine morning you may realize that your social media account has been hacked and someone else is posing as you on the virtual world. This can happen to anyone, any time! This is called hacking, the darker side of the digital world which can be threatening to any individual. The password deals with this dark side of digital life. 

The story revolves around DCDD Rohit Dasgupta (Dev), a cyber cell police officer who attempts to take down a cyber-terrorist called Islamav (Parambrata) who is using hacking, collecting, and using the information to destroy human lives. He forms a team of ethical hackers to get for the dangerous mission. Will he be able to stop it before it’s too late?

Direction and performance

Kamalaswer Mukherjee's latest movie is a relevant, dark, and gripping thriller. The plot looks pretty intriguing and the presentation is sharp as well. However, the script seems too complicated in places and the pace make it more difficult to follow. 

The film has a stellar cast and all did their part well. Dev was the perfect choice for his role as a determined and resourceful cop. Rukmini Maitra surprised the audience with her screen presence and performance. She has been given the opportunity to show her action chops here and she didn't disappoint. However, the show-stealer in the film is Parambrata Chatterjee, who plays the negative lead here. The viewers are bound to remember him for the role of Islamav. Paoli Dam as Parambrata's wife and Adrit as a hacker did justice to their part. 

Crew and technical aspects

The cinematography of the film demands a special mention. It doesn't look any less than a Bollywood Big-budget action movie thanks to Avik Mukhopadhyay, the cinematographer. However, the editing could have been crispier. The background music of the film plays a crucial role to create a gloomy, scary, yet thrilling atmosphere. The makers didn't use too many songs and all the song sequences goes well with the story. 


Password does has its loopholes. There are some sequences that could have been ignored. However, despite the shortcomings, the film is worth a watch. The nail-chewing thrill will definitely add up to your festive mood.


  • Performances
  • Kamaleswar Mukherjee's direction
  • File cinematography
  • Intense and engaging plot
  • Fresh concept


  • Editing
  • Complicated at places
  • Irregular pacing 
  • Plotholes

Pycker Rating: 3/5

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Password Preview

What is Password all about?

Password directed by Kamalewar Mukherjee is an unconventional thriller that promises to explore the dark web, the darker side of the digital world. Cybercrime is a prime concern of this era. The film is a fictional story that brings the unknown but deadly side of internet in light. 

What to expect from the film?

 A bone-chilling thriller

With a real dark and creepy concept at the crux of the story, the film is bound to offer a nail-biting thriller. The audience who is up for a thrilling, original, and interesting movie, this film shall be on their to watch list.

The stellar cast

Dev as a police officer on a mission to take down the cyber-terrorist played by Parambrata Chatterjee has to an interesting watch. Parambrata as the negative lead and Dev as an officer of the cyber-crime department sounds intriguing. Rukmini, Paoli Dam, and Adrit also play key roles in the film.

Smart and sleek presentation

The trailer promises a smart, sleek and chic film. With a contemporary topic, this one has a bigger appeal than just a regional film. 

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