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Parineeta Review

U Drama, Romance 2 hrs 0 mins Sep 6, 2019





Parineeta Review & Rating

Parineeta Review: An adorable love story loses its path at the 2nd half

The premise 

Based on a story published on Facebook, Parineeta follows the story of a young girl Mehul (Subhasree Ganguly) and her one-sided love for her neighbor cum tutor Babai Da (Ritwick Chakraborty). At the backdrop of nostalgic North Kolkata, the innocent childhood of Mehul feels like fresh air. Just when the gentle romance starts to soothe your heart everything crumbles down in Mehul's life and the film takes a sudden turn. Babai commits suicide for an unknown reason. 

All the sweetness ends with Babai's death in the first half. The second half sees Mehul as a determined adult looking for revenge. The difference between the first and second half look so evident that it almost looks almost a different film. It is when the film starts to lose its charm and the flaws start to stick out. The plot starts to lack the logic in places. However, the twists and turns still keep the audience glued to the screen. Padmanava Dasgupta's writing saves the film from further fall.

Direction, performance and ohers

Tragic love stories have always been Raj Chakraborty's forte. After delivering some duds, the filmmaker finally returns to what he does the best. Talking about the performance, the film is all about Subhasree. The story follows her Mehul and every twist and turn of her life. Subhasree didn't disappoint. She is believable both as a love-sick teenager and a corporate woman. 

Ritwick Chakraborty had little to do in the film. However, the fine actor brings a breezy romantic feel in every scene involving Babai and Mehul. Gaurav Chakraborty as Mehul's boss Ranadeb Sen did justice to his brief role. Adrit too did justice to his part. Sahaj Paather Goppo fame Samiul Alam deserves a special mention for his complete natural and effortless performance in the role of Mehul's brother.

Music composed by Arko is one of the strongest features of the film. Specially Tomake by Shreya Ghoshal and Shei Tumi by Arko stays with the audience even after the film.  

The flaws

Parinita is a good attempt although far from being perfect. Mehul's look as a teenage girl studying in 11th class looks too childlike. She hardly studies but manages to do good at the exams. Also, no class Xi kid in North Kolkata would rely upon only a single neighbor to pass the board exam. The second half seems to have more flaws. Within four years after her H.S, Mehul first does a clerical job and then becomes a corporate woman while her friends are shown married with kids at only 22! Well, if you can put these illogical detailings aside, the movie is quite enjoyable. 


Parineeta is not a flawless movie, nevertheless, it is an enjoyable one. If you are ready to keep your skeptic mind little rest and want to enjoy a cinematic universe full of twists and turns, this one is for you.


  • The racy first half
  • Subhasree Ganguly and others' performance
  • The breezy chemistry of Mehul and Babai Da 
  • Music


  • The faulty second half
  • Lack of logic and time confusion
  • The climax

Pycker Rating: 3.5

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