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A Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Thriller 2 hrs 17 mins Mar 2, 2018
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Pari Story

Director: Prosit Roy

Cast: Anushka Sharma as Rukhsana, Parambrata Chatterjee as Arnab, Rajat Kapoor as Professor Quasim Aali, and Ritabhari Chakraborty as Piyali

The Bollywood horror movie Pari is based on the concept of Ifrit who is the son of Satan and Oladhchakra, a satanic cult in Bangladesh. Ifrit aims to progress his bloodline and sear the women impregnated by Ifrit with a foetus symbol on their skin. Rukhsana is the daughter of a woman who was a victim of a sex ritual by Oladhchakra. Rukhsana is always afraid of incense sticks and religious prayers. Arnab meets Piyali for match-making and while returning to his house in the heavy rain, his father hits an old lady. Although the lady dies because of the accident, they file a case for suicide. Arnab later asks about the whereabouts of the lady and founds Rukhsana all chained up and with bruises in a corner. Out of pity, Arnab decides to take Rukhsana in his house.

Rukhsana falls in love with Arnab after witnessing love and care from his side. Rukhsana seduces Arnab to further pass Irfit's bloodline. Rukhsana starts showing unusual behaviours and kills the morgue assistant knowing that he will reveal her intentions. Rukhsana succeeds in getting impregnated by Arnab and threatens him not to see Piyali. Seeing the changes in her behaviour, Arnab contacts a professor to know about Irfit. What happens next is a mystery to unveil. 

Pari got mixed to negative reviews, however, it was Anushka's first venture into the horror genre, the spooky trailer of the film grabbed much attention. Few critics said that the story of Pari is not satisfying and is a confusing tale of ghosts. Few appreciated Anushka's energy and efforts but called the script 'poorly written'. Pari was made on a budget of 21 crores and earned 27 crores at the box office. 

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