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Parbona Ami Chartey Tokey Full Movie

U Comedy, Drama, Romance 2 hrs 6 mins Sep 11, 2015
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Parbona Ami Chartey Toke Story

Director: Raj Chakraborty

Cast: Bonny Sengupta as Shibnath AKA. Shibu, Koushani Mukherjee as Aparna Roy AKA Apu

The film starts with Shibu (Bonny) who is running to express his love for his friend Apu (Koushni). Shibu and Apu have been fighting since their childhood. Their parents are neighbor to each other. Apu lives with her parents in a huge palace while Shibu lives along with his widowed mother. Apu's friend (played by Swastika) has a crush on Shibu. Knowing it, Shibu starts to flirt with her to attract Apu's attention. Initially, Apu gets bothered by their intimacy but soon she too found a boyfriend. They plan to elope. Apu elopes with her expensive ornaments.

Hell broke down when Apu's family came to know about it. Apu's boyfriend tries to run away leaving Apu alone in the midway snatching the Gold jewelry. However, Shibu reaches to the spot in the right time and beats Apu's boyfriend and rescue the girl. Apu stayed at Shibu's place to avoid his angry father. There she realizes Shibu loves her truly. Shibu promised Apu's father to find the Mr right for Apu and soon he fixes Apu's marriage with a businessman, who is Apu and his childhood classmate. 

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