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Paper Boy Review

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Paper Boy Review & Rating


Paper Boy Review: Sincere Efforts Will Be Recognised

Paper Boy

Paper Boy caught the attention of the industry biggies with its trailer so much so that, apart from the celebrity tweets about the refreshingly simple tale of love of a Paper Boy, ace producer Allu Aravind bought the movie outright. The songs are received well and the news that Santhosh Sobhan, the lead actor in the film, is the son of the late director Sobhan. For whatever reason, a small film produced by a film director caught the audience attention quite well deservedly before its release and created a bit of positive buzz. 

Dignity of labor

The story of the film revolves around the eponymous Paper Boy. He believes in the dignity of labor and chides the heroine when she introduces him as her lover to her friends and kin but tells them that he is a software engineer. The film starts not with the lovers but another girl named Megha (this name has become routine in Telugu films just like Nandini). She comes across a dairy which sets her path towards the pair of Shiva and Dharani. 

Lovers with difference

Shiva works as a paperboy to make the ends meet. He is a B. Tech grad and love to read books. It's a love for the written word. He meets a girl named Dharani and falls for her as he finds her to be similar to him. She is also a voracious reader. The interactions between them finally lead to the previously said scene where she introduced him as a software engineer. Also, the heroine expresses her desire to marry Shiva and her parents agree. But after few twists and turns, they get separated. Why they get separated? How and if they unite again at all? What role Megha has to play in all this form the rest of the story.

Erratic direction and brilliant dialogues

The director tried to keep the proceedings as simple as possible. The dialogues by Sampath Nandi and the visuals by the cinematographer Soundarrajan make the proceedings like a visual poetry. The cinematography is the biggest asset apart from the dialogues and the lead pair. Every frame conveys thousands of thoughts and it is the Oosulu that keep the audience engaged. 

Unfortunately, after such first half, the director Jay Shankar failed to keep the proceedings as smooth in the second half. The same dialogues which make the audience fall n love with the film make them move uneasily in their seats during the second half. Though it's a routine story, the narration in the first half is refreshing. But the same cannot be said of the second half. It is where the graph falls a little bit down.

Great work by the lead pair

Heroine Riya Suman again helps the pre-climax and the climax tick with her genuine work and the hero Santhosh Sobhan's natural ability to emote well make the audience root for him. Tanya Hope is good in her limited role (role is limited in terms of the screen time, not in potential). Bithiri Satti makes the audience laugh with his comedic acts but the scenes are unnecessary and irritate those who follow the story of Shiva and Dharani seriously. Rest of the cast did their jobs well.

The crew

The songs scored by Bheems Ciceroleo are good. The tunes are pleasant. The background score is good on the ears. The editing should have been better as the narration moves at a snail's pace. Aaarrrggghhh! Okay! Leave it there. Coming to the production values, they are grand and the art director did a great job. The sets and the locations are good. 


All in all, a routine love story narrated in a touching manner by a new director with some good performances and brilliant dialogues make paper Boy a memorable movie albeit with a caution. The movie may fail to gain high audience approval. But that doesn't mean it's a bad film. The intentions are in the right place and the efforts will certainly be recognised. Watch it if you want to spend your time with a couple of young lovers who love books. 

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Paper Boy Live Updates & Public Talk

When director Sampath Nandi was producing a film in the direction of a new director, and the cast is quite new, not many took notice of the project. But sincere efforts seldom go unnoticed these days and the tweets by the star heroes like Mahesh and Allu Arjun brought attention to the film. Santhosh Sobhan debuts with this film as the hero, he is quite natural in the role and did very well. Allu Aravind's backing brought a lot of buzz for the film. The first half of the film is said to be refreshing and natural and the second half is cinematic. Bithiri Satti's comedy scenes with Vidhyullekha Raman receive a mixed response. But one thing that received universal acclaim is the dialogues. 

Terrific dialogues and measured performance by Santhosh Sobhan are very good for the movie. The direction is also good. But the narration is very slow. The heroine Riya Suman also receives appreciation from the audience and the critics. The second half of the film is what makes or breaks the film say the viewers. It receives a polarizing response. The production values for a small film are really great. The visuals are crisp. 

Watch this space for more Paper Boy public talk and live updates. 

Paper Boy Preview

What is Paper Boy about?

Paper Boy is generally the first job taken by youngsters who completed high school in the western countries during the heyday of the print media during the early 20th century. That is the same case of a few youngsters in India too. Interestingly, the son of director Sobhan of Varsham fame is starting his acting career as a paperboy with the movie, Paper Boy.

Paper Boy is an interesting film. It is produced by one of the known names in Tollywood, director Sampath Nandi. And then it is taken up by the ace producer Allu Aravind. Alu Arjun was impressed with the trailer of the movie so much so that he himself introduced the movie to his father Aravind. It is a love story between a paperboy and a rich girl. But the makers never said it is a different story. They advertised it as a simple story narrated in a natural way. Riya Suman is the heroine in the movie. 

What to expect from Paper Boy?

A simple and touching love story

Paper Boy appears to be a story of love between two people who love written words. The love story between a rich girl from a powerful family and a poor boy who delivers papers every day. She even waits for him to receive him. The protagonists are a rare breed in these days. The heroine loves reading. 

It is an art which is missing these days. Reading gives maturity to the soul. The hero also loves the written words. Aksharalu. The heroine has a dialogue in the trailer asking are there boys who read books these days? Indeed. A rare breed. When the going was tough and they have t part ways, the hero writes in his beloved written words that he should go away from her. 

The lead pair

Of course, for any love story to work, the lead pair chemistry must work out. From what is evidenced by the trailer, the hero Santhosh Sobhan delivered a measured performance for a debutant. The heroine is outright cute and seems to be expressive. Santhosh Sobhan said in a pre-release interview that as his father Sobhan was a film director (his father's elder brother Lakshmipathi was a star comedian during the early 2000s) there was a filmy atmosphere at his home which made him come to the industry. Even in the case if he couldn't act, he would do any job in cinemas. 

Sampath Nandi writing

Apart from producing the film, director Sampath Nandi wrote the film. The dialogues are at once poetic and effective. These are some of the best dialogues we have heard in movies in the recent times. Despite mixed results for his directorials, Sampath Nandi as a writer never failed. His handiwork promises paper Boy to be a good movie. 

Allu Aravind judgment

Allu Aravind is not a top producer for nothing. He has a knack for picking up gems from rocky sand. His judgment about films is impeccable and his track record for more than 30 years is enough of a proof for this. That he bought the film with all newcomers and no known name attached to the film except for Sampath Nandi made the filmy buffs take notice of paper Boy.

Watch this space for Paper Boy review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!