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Panther Review

Action, Drama Aug 9, 2019





Panther Review & Rating

Pather movie review: Action-packed and entertaining

The Premise

Anshuman Pratyush's movie Panther is an action-packed patriotic film meant for entertainment and it does entertain. Despite the shortcoming, the movie can keep the audience hooked to the screen from start to the end. 

The cast and the crew

As the trailer suggested, the movie revolves around an undercover agent called Panther who must take down a terrorist group before they can strike a terror attack. Jeet in the lead role is amazing. As a man known only by his codename and dedicated to his duty towards his nation looked convincing throughout. 

Shraddha Das, as the leading lady Zia, appears in a few scenes only and she is only there to look pretty. Saswata Chatterjee plays Spider, a sort of tech genius RAW agent. His is the only character that brings comic relief in the story while serving a serious purpose at the same time. Shantilal Mukherjee and other actors also did justice to their part.

if nothing, Panther is a very technically sound movie. Credits go to the crew members. The crisp editing by Md Kalam and the breathtaking action sequences choreographed well by Abbas Ali Moghul are the winning elements of the film. 

Overall, let's just say, the movie is far from being a perfect one but it is still worth a watch. It is a quintessential mainstream action film, watch it keeping this in your mind and judge it by its entertainment value only.


  • Action sequences 
  • To the point editing
  • Jeet and other's performance 


  • The supporting cast could be used properly
  • Plot holes

Pycker Rating: 3/5

Panther Critic Reviews

Panther User Reviews

  • Aritra

    12 Aug 19 @ 3:44 PM

    The movie has great cinematography. Some crunchy dialogues and some good acting performances by Jeet Da Saswata sir and Santhilal  sir . What impressed me the most was the beautiful editing by MD Kalam and explicit debut direction by Anshuman Pratush . The story by Anshuman Pratush and Prameet may have traces from some Hindi movies but overall it is original and a must watch

  • S

    12 Aug 19 @ 7:02 PM

  • Abhoy

    11 Aug 19 @ 11:49 PM

    HINDUSTHAN meri jaan

Panther Preview

What is Panther is all about?

Panther is an action movie with a patriotic theme. The movie revolves around Panther, an undercover agent who is determined to stop the terrorists from being successful in their malicious mission. A terror group has announced a series of a terror attack and Panther and his team must stop.

What to expect from Panther?

Top-notch action sequence

Panther will see Jeet as an undercover agent. One more time, he will show his action chops in it. With jeet in it and a thrilling patriotic theme involving a mission against the terrorists, the movie must have some awesome action sequences in its store. The posters and trailers have shown such potential.

A gripping plot 

The trailer confirms the movie is going to be pretty intense and action-packed. hopefully, the plot will complement the subject and keep the audience glued to the screen from the beginning to the end.

Impressive acting 

The acting line features Jeet, Saswata Chatterjee, and some seasoned actors. It is expected that they won't disappoint the viewers. 

Smart editing and cinematography

The film has the full potential to be a smart and sleek action film for which the editing and cinematography must look timely and impressive. The audience will have high expectations in these sections as well. 

Panther Live Updates & Public Talk

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