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Pantham Review

U/A Action 2 hrs 25 mins Jul 5, 2018





Pantham Review & Rating


Gopichand has been trying hard to score a super hit for quite some time now. Though most of the times he is succeeding as an actor, his movies are not. He has teamed up with K Chakravarthy for yet another commercial entertainer titled Pantham. The teasers and trailers have been received well and the movie has hit the screens amidst a positive buzz. If Pantham ends the flop run of Gopichand or it continues has to be seen.

Coming to the film Pantham, the story begins with a series of robberies targeting politicians. Vikranth (played by Gopichand) is the mastermind who plans all these robberies. One day he targets the home minister Nayak (played by Sampath) and robs his house. Nayak calls for an inquiry and in the process gets to know that Vikranth is the man behind this. Who is Vikranth and what is his connection with Nayak forms the rest of the story.

While the story of Pantham is not a very fresh one, the way it has been dealt with especially during the first half makes it watchable, to say the least. Dialogues written about corruption, politicians and most importantly the common people are very meaningful and hard hitting. The director has done a fair bit of research to come up with a story and film which make us think about the society we are living in. But his honest though is lost in execution as he adds unnecessary romantic track and comedy scenes just to fill the run time.

After a good first half which shows the interesting robbery scenes and has a few good comedy scenes, the second half falls flat. Once the backstory of Vikranth is revealed, the proceedings turn a little predictable. The second half misses the intensity of first half and all we have to wait for the climax patiently.

Though the comedy scenes work well because of the supremely talented Srinivasa Reddy and Prudhviraj, they deviate the audience from the main story. The romantic track between Gopichand and Mehreen also looks too artificial as there is absolutely no chemistry between them. Mehreen though looks okay in the film, has nothing to do except for appearing in duet songs with Gopichand.

Gopichand has once again given an honest performance which is intense and entertaining. He is extremely good in the fight sequences and delivers a noteworthy performance in the courtroom scene which is the major highlight of the film. He is at ease in the heist scenes and in fight sequences. Gopichand is well supported by Sampath who plays the antagonist role very well. He gets a meaty role after many days and he does justice to it.

The production values and cinematography of the film are superb and the rest of the technical departments did just an average job. Gopi Sunder has surprisingly failed to provide good songs and his background score too is pretty average. Overall, Pantham offers a decent entertainment with a good performance from Gopichand and can be watched once.

Verdict: Watchable Commercial Film With A Social Message

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Pantham User Reviews

  • శేఖర్

    5 Jul 18 @ 9:24 PM

    routine story boos..
  • Jayanth Reddy

    5 Jul 18 @ 5:17 PM


    not expected this , 

    movie is worst 

  • 5

    5 Jul 18 @ 5:10 PM

    Outdated movie

    boring , worst movie

    slightly similar to Bharat ane nenu

    but , Bharat ane nenu is good

    Pantham is outdated , routine , boring , worst, headache movie

Pantham Live Updates & Public Talk

Manly hero Gopichand has come up with a message oriented film Pantham. This is his 25th film. Gopichand pinned all his hopes on Pantham directed by debutant K. Chakravarthy. The previews and early morning shows are underway and the talk is that the first half is entertaining with decent comedy and Gopichand is good in the role of a conman. 

Pantham is getting a mixed response from the audience. But most of the reactions tilted towards positive. The second half of the movie is said to be emotional and intense. There are few punches about the media. 

Regular story and masala entertainment is the audience overview of the film Pantham. The interval point is said to be very interesting.


Pantham Preview

What is Pantham about?

Gopichand, the son of noted director the late T. Krishna, got his acting breakthrough as a villain and then established himself as a lead man. He had a high success rate in the early in his career but had fallen down the pecking order in the last few years. There is no doubt that he is a talented actor, but is in the need of a hit.

Pantham is the movie that Gopichand pinned all his hopes on. the story of the movie is about a youngster who fights for justice. Due to the over-reliance on commercial routine masala films, Gopichand lost his hard-earned market and he is really trying hard to find a film that will help him to regain everything. Pantham promises to be one such film for him. 

What to expect from Pantham?

Pantham is his 25th film. K. Chakravarthy Reddy makes his debut with the movie as a director. 

Gopichand's return

Gopichand is the manly hero to his fans. The actor has delivered solid hits in the past. He is known for intense portrayal of the roles. Pantham is his silver jubilee movie as an actor. In a recent interview, Gopichand revealed that all the while people are asking him why he has not followed his father with his films. He added that Pantham will be one such film.

There is no doubt about Gopichand's acting prowess. But what makes Pantham an essential movie for him is that currently, his career is in the doldrums. He needs a successful movie is an understatement. And as this is a landmark film in his career, he must have taken a lot of care for this movie. From is can be evidenced that Pantham is a tour de force of Gopichand. 

Mehreen Peerzada

Mehreen Pirzada is not just a talented actress, she has a lot of craze among the youngsters. That she pairs up with Gopichand makes this movie a feast for her fans. If she has a substantial role in the movie, she can own the character and gives excellent performance. 

Story and direction

K. Chakravarthy reddy, the debutant director has come up with a story that is politically charged and is socially relevant to the current conditions. Moreover, as Gopichand promises, the movie has shades of T. Krishna's films. That means Pantham is going to be a movie with revolutionary ideas. 

K. Chakravarthy Reddy may be a debutant, he is not new to movies. Before Pantham, he had provided the screen for movies like Balupu, Power, and Jai Lava Kusa. All those movies are high on entertainment and are interlaced with ample mass elements. Pantham with a hero like Gopichand promises a lot to the viewers. 

Watch this space for Pantham review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!