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Pandavullo Okkadu

Comedy Jul 31, 2015
Pandavullo Okkadu

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‘Pandavullo Okkadu’ is the dubbed Telugu version of the sleeper Tamil hit romantic comedy ‘Kappal’ (2014) starring Vaibhav, Sonam Bajwa, Karunakaran, VTV Ganesh, Arjunan, Venkat Sundar, Karthik Priyadarshan, Robo Shankar and Rajan Iyer. The story is about Vasu (Vaibhav) and his group of young friends who believe that marriage will mar their friendship but Vasu has a liking for girls. People mistake them for being gays, so Vasu shifts base to Chennai where he stays with Nelson (VTV Ganesh) who helps him find rich girls at all the happening places in town where they party. During one of the dos Vasu meets a rich girl named Deepika (Sonam Bajwa) and instantly falls for her. After a few meets he expresses his emotions but Deepika turns him down but slowly she too starts responding to his love. Due to a few misunderstandings Vasu and Deepika breakup but finally patch up with the help of Vasu’s friends.

Pandavullo Okkadu Cast & Crew

  • Robo Shankar


  • VTV Ganesh


  • Sonam Bajwa


  • Karunakaran


  • Arjunan


  • Vaibhav Reddy


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