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Palakkattu Madhavan Full Movie

Comedy, Drama 2 hrs 23 mins Jul 3, 2015
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Palakkattu Madhavan Story

Director: M Chandramohan

Cast: Vivek as Palakkattu Madhavan, Sonia Agarwal as Lakshmi, Sheela as Pattu Maami, Rajendran as Santhosh Kumar, Arthi as Kokila Mami.

Palakkattu Madhavan is a lazy husband who gets taunted by his wife Lakshmi for being irresponsible. He never takes care of the family and complains about his wife Lakshmi to his friends. Lakshmi's salary is way higher than his and it evokes ego and problems for him. Things get serious when he starts doing things that create harm to Lakshmi financially. 

He finds out that an old woman is in need of a caretaker and she is ready to pay. He visits the old woman Pattu Maami and she offers him to pay 25000 if he adopts her. Madhavan realising that 25000 is higher than his wife's salary quits his job and adopts Pattu Maami. He introduces her to Lakshmi as she is Pattu Maami and he has adopted her as a surrogate mother. 

He along with Pattu Maami spends more time in the family while Lakshmi goes for the job and meet the family needs. His moments with Pattu Maami makes him realise the importance of his wife and having an elder at home. Maami's presence in the home makes him more responsible and he starts to change and this surprises Lakshmi. Palakkattu Madhavan revolves around the funny and emotional moments of Madhavan, Lakshmi and Pattu Maami.  

This fun-filled family entertainer snapped a below average run at the Box Office and collected 8 Lakhs in day 1 which was very disappointing. 

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