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Pagalpanti Review

U/A Comedy 2 hrs 13 mins Nov 22, 2019





Pagalpanti Review & Rating

Pagalpanti Review: Lazy Writing And Poor Execution

The premise

Pagalpanti as the title suggests is a madcap comedy with many brainless (no, not mindless) comedy which boasts of a top of the line star cast who have delivered hit films this year. So, with every safe-base covered, Anees Bazmi tried his luck at the box office in the dry-month of November. Has he succeeded? Let's see with Pagalpanti review. 


After back to back serious roles, handsome hunk John Abraham is back, this time with a genre which had given him hits previously. He plays the role of Raj Kishore who is a storehouse of misfortune with all of his businesses failed. And he has his misfortune as his Hutch Dog. Wherever he goes, his misfortune follows. 

He has a couple of equally goofy friends. Chandu and Chunky. He is currently in debts and is in the need of external help. They get into the employment of the gangsters Raja and WiFi . Meanwhile, a pair of rival under-lords want to make Raja and WiFi vanish from the face of the earth. And then there is a bigger criminal than this hinky ponky bunch - Niraj Modi (we know on whom this character is modeled on - creative on the part of the writing team). And we know what happens with all these characters. And how it all ends. 

Writing, direction, and acting

The narration of the film is as shoddy as it gets. The screenplay is highly inefficient. The writing is lazy. Just like John Abraham mouths a wise dialogue deep in the film - Zaroori nahi ki har cheez ka matlab ho - the film goes just like that. The only positive side for this film is John Abraham is at his charming best despite goofy characterization. Anil Kapoor has taken a leaf out of Sonam Kapoor's textbook. Grossly overacted and appeared super-cool. 

Arshad Warsi is his usual self. Saurabh Shukla is charming as well and made up for his less than satisfactory acting. And then there are three heroines - pretty good ones at that (pun certainly intended) - who are not even given a thought as much they have given to set props. Ileana looked pretty. And that's that. Urvasi Rautela is hot. That's the end of the world. And Kriti Kharbanda who is fresh off the super success of Housefull 4 is wasted in an insignificant role. Her styling is tastefully bad. 

The crew

The music is hilariously good. Songs are catchy and are aptly misplaced to create bathroom breaks for Diabetes patients in winter. The background score is good. The cinematography is rich. The visuals are splendid. The art department has done a pretty good job. The locations in London have given a grand look to the proceedings. The production values are top-notch. 

The ugly

There is a patriotic element towards the end of the film which is grossly unnecessary. It seems John Abraham is depending mostly on the same these days. Of course, it is good if organically added to the plot. But if it is used for form's sake, or to cover the holes in the subject of the film, it is unpardonable. As far as we guess, this one is no fault of John Abraham. 


Pagalpanti has nothing to offer to the audience. Not even some engaging madcap comedy which Housefull offered (else, it wouldn't become Akshay Kumar's highest grosser), And the heroines aren't even utilised to heighten the hotness quotient. So, better avoid unless you can watch John Abraham for a couple of hours and don't need anything else. 


  • Okay! You can watch John Abraham in a charming avatar


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Pycker Rating: 1 out of 5

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