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Padaiveeran Review

U/A Action, Drama 2 hrs 10 mins Feb 2, 2018





Padaiveeran Review & Rating


Padaiveeran is a social action drama film which marks the directorial debut of Dhana. The film is set in a rural background which features Vijay Yesudas, Bharathiraja, Akhil and Amritha in pivotal roles. Let’s find out what Padaiveeran reviews have in store for us. 

Rating 2.5 from  indiatimes

Overall, Padaiveeran is a not-so-bad attempt, for the honest way of handling a socially-relevant ...

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The story is about a small time village which goes by the name of Theni in Tamil Nadu where a communal war goes on between two neighbouring villages. What follows is series of riots and atrocities meted upon them by the police.  Vijay Yesudas is a village vagabond and ruffian who is helped by Bharathiraja to join the police force to end the long feud between the two villages. 

Rating - from  sify

The first half  of Padai Veeran moves at a leisure pace with the needless detailing on ...

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The film has been aptly handled by Dhana being his first directorial. The director shows glimpses of his mentor Mani Ratnam in some scenes. After making his debut in Maari Vijay Yesudas as Munishwaran and Bharathiraja as Krishnan provide some resilience to the script. Amritha as the village belly does impress us with her performance but it is ultimately left to the two male protagonists to carry the film on their shoulders. The overdose of casteism and honour killing might be socially-relevant but fails to uplift the film on the whole. 

Rating 2.25 from  studioflicks

Vijay Yesudas has taken straining efforts to improvise his performance from his debut film ‘Maari...

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Rating 3 from  pressks

The character that Vijay Yesudas has shown with the movie is good. The story selection along with...

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Though production values are decent and Karthik Raja’s music is just about ok. The Dhanush song might be a crowd puller but only for a limited while. The cinematography by Rajavel Mohan and editing by Bhuvan Srinivasan do add some spark but fail to lift the film due to a weak screenplay. 

Rating 2.25 from  yuvacircle

Padaiveeran movie story is about a young guy who is wasting a lot of time. He close to his uncle ...

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Final Verdict: Padaiveeran despite having its moments based on caste system and honour killing fails to impress. An old-fashioned communal violence drama which is a routine and average fair.

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Padaiveeran User Reviews

  • Ravi Krishna

    2 Feb 18 @ 6:43 PM

    Dhana’s Padaiveeran had all the ingredients to spring in a few surprise when it starts but slowly and steadily as you settle down in your seat it begins to get predictable. Vijay Yesudas looks convincing as the ruffian villagers and his pairing with Amritha are interesting but the story lets you down badly. Veteran Bharathiraja as the retired ex-serviceman is convincing but ex-army men being corrupt is hard to digest. Dhana’s direction does give a glimpse or two of Mani Ratnam but is not enough to hold your interest. The other technical aspects are ok while the overdose of a lecture on caste and communal riots gives a dejavu feeling…seen it all before. Vijay needs a better script to prove himself and the same goes for Amritha. 

Padaiveeran Live Updates & Public Talk

Padaiveeran is a romantic melodrama which marks the directorial debut of Dhana who had earlier assisted Mani Ratnam. Padai Veeran features Vijay Yesudas and Bharathiraja in the main lead along with Amritha who plays Vijay’s love interest. The film, set against a village backdrop called Theni, is about the many year's clashes between two communities which leads to riots that finally is settled after the intervention of the two main protagonists played by Vijay Yesudas and Bharathiraja. As the flick breaks open in theaters today, we get to know Padaiveeran reviews and whether or not people have liked it or not.

Padaiveeran’s main story revolves around Munishwaran (played by Vijay Yesudas) and an ex-serviceman called Krishnan (played by Bharathiraja). The first half chalks out the main premise of the characters as the plot where Vijay Yesudas who is a vagabond and a village ruffian is shown as a man who intends to become a cop so that people start respecting him while he enjoys all the perks that the cop job offers him. Bharathiraja as an ex-army man tries to bribe the higher officials to get Vijay into the police force.

The caste war shown in the first half calls for a lot of praise where it is revealed that Vijay’s kin also was a victim of the caste war. Vijay as the vagabond and then the cop has worked a lot on his looks and style to play the character while his effort is laudable. Bharathiraja’s seasoned performance too is being regarded as another major attraction which keeps the narration going at good pace. Debutant heroine Amritha too shines as the cute village belly who lights up the screen with her two shaded performance.

The second half becomes an intense affair as the fights between the two communities break loose while it also highlights honor killing, caste tension, communal riots and existence of caste pride in Tamil Nadu villages.

Dhana’s Padaiveeran is a rural drama that explores the ugly side of caste and honour which make it a Bharathiraja and Vijay Yesudas show all the way. The climax might as well come in as a surprise for many despite having a clear message which may be too little too late that might make Padaiveeran an average fair.

Padaiveeran Preview

What’s it about?

Padaiveeran is a social action drama film which is written and directed by Mani Ratnam’s erstwhile assistant Dhana who makes his directorial debut with this film. The film is set in a rural background which features Vijay Yesudas and Amritha in the lead roles, while veteran Bharathiraja and Akhil will be seen in supporting roles. The film is about a small time village where people lead a normal and happy life despite some atrocities meted upon them while the matter lies unattended by the authorities. That’s the time when a youngster (Vijay Yesudas) enters the village and wins the heart of the villagers with the help of a senior villager (played by Bharathiraja) and friend (played by Akhil) including losing his heart to a damsel in distress (played by Amritha). All seems to be fine till a new twist in the tale leaves the villagers in a shock.  What follows thereon are a few bitter revelations that make Padaiveeran a must watch.

The film is produced by Madhivanan under the banner of Evoke films while music is by Karthik Raja, cinematography by Rajavel Mohan and editing by Bhuvan Srinivasan.

What to expect?

Padaiveeran may not boast of any big banner or star cast but does have some good enough names associated with the venture which manage to evoke a lot of curiosity among the audience. So, let’s check out what reasons makes the film a must watch this weekend.

  • Vijay Yesudas’ powerful performance

Vijay Yesudas who is more known for his playback singing than acting will be trying to make the most as an actor while playing the lead in this flick. Going by the trailer of the film it seems like he has packed in a powerful performance as a villager and a cop.

  • Vijay Yesudas and Amritha’s fresh pairing

Vijay Yesudas will be pairing up with newbie Amritha for the first time on the screen which looks refreshing. Both as villagers look appealing and in sync with each other dancing on the soundtracks of the film. Their on-screen chemistry and romance may hold the key its success.

  • Seasoned supporting cast

With a seasoned supporting cast including Bharathiraja, Akhil, Manoj Kumar, Kavitha Bharathi, Sindhu, Nithish and Jeyachandran, Padaiveeran looks promising. Bharathiraja may as well surprise a few with his on-screen antics getting the audience rooting for him. The other supporting cast too is capable of springing in a few surprises with their performances.

  • Karthik Raja’s soundtracks

With director Dhanna penning most of the lyrics for all the soundtracks, Karthik Raja’s album has already caught the fancy of movie-lovers. The highlight among all the tracks is the Local Sarakka Foreign Sarakka song crooned by Dhanush which is set to become a chartbuster.

  • Dialogues and action sequences

The tongue-in-cheek dialogues seem to be another added attraction of Padaiveeran which is sure to pull in the crowds. The action sequences too are well choreographed while keeping the urban background in mind.

  • Dhana’s maiden directorial

Dhana who has assisted ace director Mani Ratnam for many years is expected to deliver in his very first venture. He is a multi-talented filmmaker who surely knows the tricks and trades of filmmaking and what audiences expect from a social action drama of this stature as a lot might be riding on his shoulders.